Meet Jack Hanna’s wife Suzi Elgi, daughters, his net worth, Death, and age.

If you are into animals and parks, then Jack Hanna’s life and history will interest you. Jack Hanna is one of the most famous zookeepers in America. He for sure has been in the industry for decades and decades. He is the director of the Columbus zoo and aquarium.

In this article, we are going to concentrate and get to know more about Jack Hanna’s wife and daughters. Who is Suzi Egli? How many children do they have together? What is Jack Hanna’s net worth and age? Read further to know more about the professional zookeeper who is also an Author.

He is married to wife Suzi Egli.

Jack Hanna has been married to wife, Suzi Egli, for 52 years now, and they have three daughters together. He has not disclosed personal information about his marriage life, though; we do know he tied the knot with the love of his life back in 1968 in Brown Chapel, on-campus in Muskingum University.

The couple went to the same university. Suzi studied Physical education and health. Suzi Elga was born in Wyckoff, United States, in 1947, on July 20th. This currently makes her 72 years old. Mrs. Hanna is also an explorer as well as a wildlife conservationist.

Image of JacK Hanna with his wife Suzi Elgi
Caption: Jack Hanna with his wife, Suzi Egli

We could say that Jack Hanna and wife Suzi Egli’s relationship is a strong one, for they have been side by side. The zookeeper, together with his wife, has been traveling from continent to continent some time in their life. They mentioned that they even went to Africa a couple of times.

Jack Hanna’s Net Worth.

The zookeeper, Jack Bushnell Hanna, has an estimated net worth of $10 million. His net worth is reflected in his career as a zookeeper, as it is where his primary source of income comes from.

He is also the Director of Columbus zoo and aquarium. Apart from being a zookeeper, he was also the host in his show, his life into the wild (2007- 2019), and Jack Hanna’s wild countdown.  We do not know how much he earns exactly.

According to pay scale, professional zookeepers tend to make about $40,000 annually. Jack probably makes a lot more since he is very experienced and qualified.

Image of Conservationist, Jack Hanna net worth
Caption: Conservationist, Jack Hanna net worth

His personal details have also not been disclosed. However, we could assume he owns a luxurious home in a beautiful neighborhood looking at his net worth. At his age, we cannot be sure if he still drives.

Jack Hanna’s Death.

Many people have been confused and have been asking whether Jack Hanna is dead or not. The answer is no; the famous Zookeeper is not, but the python is.

A python that was named after him had died in the Columbus zoo and aquarium. The snake had been suffering from gastritis, and even after treatment, it did not recover.  It died at the age of 20, early last year, on 12th April 2019.

Pythons are mostly known to be only dangerous to snake haters. However, they are not considered poisonous. It had received a good welcome, and it was treated with love and care.

According to its care-takers, the snake seemed to love its home, and it was charming. The python has been in the Columbus zoo and aquarium since 2010.

Jack Hanna is alive and is 73 years old.

Yes. The real Jack is alive and kicking.  Jack was born in 1947, 2nd January. He currently has three daughters and six grandchildren. The 73-year old animal lover spends a lot of time with his family. They love to go hiking in their free time. Though the zookeeper is quite old, he still is energetic and robust.

Image of Zookeeper, Jack Hanna is still alive fit and healthy
Caption: Zookeeper, Jack Hanna is still alive fit and healthy

They have three daughters.

Jack and Suzi have three daughters; Kathaleen, Julie, and Suzanne Hanna. Unknown sources say that their eldest daughter, Kathaleen is married and lives in the UK while her sister Julie is married with four kids and lives in Cincinnati. Their last born sister Suzanne lives with their parents and works in Columbus zoo and aquarium.

Image of Suzi with her husband Jack along with their daughters
Caption: Suzi with her husband Jack along with their daughters

Kathaleen Hanna age, bio, marriage, husband.

She was born on the 31st of December 1989 and is 30 years old now. Kathaleen is also a married woman. Her husband’s name is Griffin. The couple tied the knot two years ago in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

They have two dogs together but no children yet. Kathaleen and her husband still reside in Fort Smith. A look at her Instagram account tells us that she has over 1,700 followers.

It gives us an insight into her married life with her husband. Jack Hanna’s daughter Kathaleen regularly posts pictures of the two of them on her page. We also learned that she has a vimeo account where she uploads her content.

Julie Hanna Bio.

Like her parents, Julie works for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Other than that, there is not a lot of information about her available. Going by her pictures, we can estimate that she is in her 30s.

Suzanne Hanna wiki, Bio.

Suzanne is very much part of her family’s business.  She is a wildlife conservationist, television personality, and a renowned global explorer.  A look at her picture tells us that she is also in her 30s.

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