Gabriel Iglesias son Frankie Iglesias 2020, Age, Death Rumor and Facts.

American comedian and actor, Gabriel Iglesias will tell you that there are six levels of fatness; ‘Big,’ ‘Healthy,’ ‘Husky,’ ‘Fluffy,’ ‘DAMN!!!’ and ‘Oh Hell No!!’ Currently, he considers himself under the fourth stage hence his nickname, ‘Fluffy Guy.’ With millions of fans who adore him, there is one above all the rest which holds him with the highest regards – his son, Frankie Iglesias. Here lie the biography and not so known details about Gabriel Iglesias’ son that he doesn’t want to go public. Be sure to read till the end. Also, Know about Gabriel Iglesias’s son Frankie’s death.

Frankie Iglesias is not Gabriel’s Biological Son.

Gabriel Iglesias maybe Frankie’s father on paper, but biologically, Frankie is not his son. Born on December 8th, 1997, Frankie is currently 22 years of age. The secrecy behind his place of birth and paternity is solely by his mother’s wishes. However, let’s not forget that he is also practically an adult capable of making his own decisions.

As of now, Frankie’s father is unknown.  He was born as a result of one of his mother’s old flames. So how did Gabriel Iglesias assume the role of a father figure? Well, the comedian met his mother back in 2008 when the young lad was only 11 years old.

Image of Caption: Frankie with his step father Gabriel Iglesias
Caption: Frankie with his stepfather, Gabriel Iglesias

They always hang out together and grew their bond over the years. With time, he adopted Frankie as his own and even had him use his last name.

Who is Gabriel Iglesias son Frankie Iglesias’ mother?

The woman currently holding the Iglesias men together prefers to live her life in private. However, through extensive research, we found out that her name is Claudia Valdez. That’s the same actress who played in the 2010 British Sci-fi horror film, Monsters.

Image of Caption: Gabriel Iglesias with Claudia Valdez
Caption: Gabriel Iglesias with Claudia Valdez

The couple has seen their ups and downs but never parted ways. The comedian told Billboard in 2017 that he spent a more significant part of the year repairing relationships and reflecting on his life.

This also follows a series of battling alcoholism, depression, and obesity that Claudia helped him get through. The couple now resides in Long Beach, California, where Gabriel owns a collection of Volkswagen buses.

Gabriel Iglesias son Frankie Death. Rumors or Facts?

It’s been a long time since Gabriel talked about his son or uploaded his picture on social media. However, that doesn’t mean Frankie crossed over to the beyond. The stories surrounding Frankie Iglesias’ death have no moral grounds and are purely based on rumors.

Similarly, there were also rumors about Gabriel Iglesias’s death back in 2014 with articles published around the story. Like any comedian would do, he fed on the account and made a joke about his death. You can check it out here.

In reality, the only death that has ever struck the family is that of the comedian’s mother, Esther Pinuelas Mendez. Her death was as a result of old age at 77 years old back in May 2012.

What is Frankie Iglesias doing now?

There are currently no leads on the young lad’s activity. However, some sources point out that his current focus is school. The names of the college institution he is attending sadly remain unknown.

Social Media Activities.

Frankie Iglesias doesn’t have a public account on any social platform. However, you can always find him goofing off with his dad, Gabriel, in his Instagram. He once face-painted a beard like that of his father and went out on Halloween as Gabriel Iglesias, complete with the Hawaiian shirts.

Onto other news, fans have often confused Modern Family’s actor Rico Rodriguez with Frankie Iglesias. Some have even denoted him as a mini Gabriel Iglesias. False articles published went as far as claiming Frankie was on The Ellen Degeneres Show when in fact, it was Rico Rodriguez. You can check out the snippet here and marvel at their resemblance.

Lastly, Gabriel Iglesias once posted a funny tweet asking whether any girl would want to take him out on a date. He also tweeted out that Frankie will be his only son. Quite Frankly, this goes to show how much love he has for Frankie

Image of Caption: Gabriel Iglesisa posted a funny tweet on twitter
Caption: Gabriel Iglesias posted a funny tweet on twitter

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