Is Amy Bruni Married to Husband?

Amy Bruni is a famous American reality television star who is known for appearing on Paranormal Lockdown. She is an executive producer for paranormal series, Kindred Spirits. After the television career, she launched her own paranormal travel company, Strange Escapes.

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Amy Bruni’s Net Worth In 2020.

Being a famous television personality, investor, educator, executive producer, and owner of a company, Amy Bruni, is definitely living her life. Amy Bruni earns a hefty amount of money from involvement in different fields.

As of 2020, Amy Bruni’s net worth is $1 million.

No doubt, Amy’s primary source of income is her television career. However, attending seminars in college and educational institutions as an educator is her secondary source of income.

Image of TV Personality, Amy Bruni
TV Personality, Amy Bruni

Meet Amy Bruni’s Husband.

Well, the 43 years old investor and TV Personality Amy Bruni is not married at all, but, shares a married-like-relationship with her current partner-to-be-husband, Mr. X. The secretive Amy did not disclose anything about her mysterious boyfriend at first, but, later mentioned that Mr. X is Jimmy.

If you go across Amy’s social media accounts like Instagram, you can see many photos of the pair together with their children. Those pictures are enough to prove that they lead to a healthy relationship.

Image of Amy Bruni with her husband Jimmy and daughter Charlotte
Amy Bruni with her husband Jimmy and daughter Charlotte

Amy, as of now is the mother of a child. Ghost Hunters Amy Bruni gave birth to her first child, daughter Charlotte, on 11th October 2012. There were rumors that Amy was pregnant with a second child in May 2017.

Ghost Hunters’ Amy Bruni’s Career, Controversies, and Television Shows

Amy Bruni started her professional career, joining one of the paranormal team based in Sacramento. She gained the attention of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, Grant Wilson, and Jason Hawes.

Amy made her television debut in 2008 appearing in series, Ghost Hunter. In the show, she worked as the team’s historical researcher.

Beloved among Ghost Hunters fans Amy went on wor in the show till 2014 and did not return to the show. She is also the co-star and executive producer of Kindred Spirits.

Amy is also an investor who has started her own paranormal travel company named Strange Escapes. She now takes lecturers and investigates on the company.

Amy is also responsible for founding the TAPS West, where she has been a part for over 20 years. She traveled to many colleges giving lectures.

Till the date, Amy has not been involved in any kind of controversies.

Amy Bruni and Adam Perry’s Relationship.

Back in 2008, Amy appeared in television series, Ghost Hunter, alongside co-star Adam Berry. Since then people have been asking about Amy Bruni and Adam Perry’s relationship.

Some took it too far and started to ask if Amy and Adam were dating. There is nothing personal in between the pair. Moreover, they were not dating, as well. They share the relationship of professionalism only.


Amy Bruni’s Wikipedia, Bio, Facts, And Other Detailed Info

Kindred Spirit cast Amy was born on 10th July 1976. Amy Bruni is currently 43 years old. She was born in Sacramento, California, USA. Amy Bruni from “Ghost Hunters” is of American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity.

Opening up about her early life, she mentioned of dwelling in a haunted house. Her father was a paranormal investigations expert. Her father’s passion encouraged her to follow the path.

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