Guy Fieri’s wife Lori Fieri Age, Net Worth. How did They Meet?

In the world of culinary arts Guy Fieri is a common name. But his wife Lori Fieri is who we are going to tell you about in this article. From how they met to how they got married, here’s everything you need to know about Guy Fieri’s Wife, married life and kids.

Guy and Wife Lori Fieri have been Married since 1993.

According to Guy Fieri’s Wiki bio, he met his wife at a restaurant in Long Beach, California, and supposedly fell in love with her. However, that’s only a fraction of the story.

Back in 1993, Lori Fieri was on a road trip across the country and decided to pay one of her friends a visit to Long Beach, California. It just so happens that the friend in question had just been laid off coincidentally by management at Guy Fieri’s restaurant.

Image of Guy Fieri with his wife Lori Fieri
Caption: Guy Fieri with his wife, Lori Fieri

Lori, who so upset at the time, gave Guy a piece of her mind when he asked them both to leave the premises. The TV star was already smitten despite the harsh words Lori was spitting.

Thus, to calm the situation, he allowed them to stay on the condition that they keep a low profile. Their friendship blossomed into love, and ultimately a marriage ensued in 1995.

Guy Fieri’s wife loves putting on flamboyant and colorful hats. She has often appeared beside her husband on television and specials including, Guy’s Family Road Trip. This year will mark their 25th anniversary together with no hicks or marriage ending rumors.

Who is Guy Fieri’s wife Lori Fieri?

Lori Fieri is more than just Guy Fieri’s wife. She was born in the year 1973, which makes her 47 years old. Though she currently resides in Santa Rosa with her family, Lori grew up in North Providence, Rhode Island.

Image of Lori Fieri wife of American restaurateur, Guy Fieri
Caption: Lori Fieri wife of American restaurateur, Guy Fieri

Her parents weren’t that rich but were able to provide her with a decent education within the local schools. As such, she grew up wanting more and led an adventurous lifestyle during her youth.

Professionally, Lori Fieri hasn’t given out any leads on her career. However, she is just as passionate about food as her husband. Much of her time is spent in support of her husband’s endeavors.

Guy and Wife Lori Have Two Sons.

Shortly after their marriage, Guy and Lori Fieri welcomed a son named Hunter Fieri. His son was born right around the same time that Fieri opened up his first restaurant.

Growing up alongside his dad, Hunter was torn between a career in cross country racing and becoming a restaurateur. However, he finally settled on the latter and graduated from the University of Nevada in 2019.

Image of Lori Fieri husband Guy Fieri with kids Hunter and Ryder Fieri
Caption: Lori Fieri husband Guy Fieri with kids Hunter and Ryder Fieri

On the other hand, his much younger sibling doesn’t share the same interests. Instead, he loves surfing. Ryder Fieri is currently 14 years old, born on December 31st, 2005. Additionally, the Food Network star is also the guardian to his late sister Morgan’s son, Jules.

Lori Fieri Lives in the House That Worth $2.5 Million.

The family has called Santa Rosa, their home for 15 years now. Guy wanted a rustic home while Lori longed for a modern finish. As a result, he found a way to satisfy both their need by buying a home with much-needed remodeling. Together, they tore it down to its flooring and expanded the space in massive remodeling efforts.

Image of Lori Fieri house Santa Rose
Caption: Lori Fieri house Santa Rose

The house now boasts of a 900 square foot kitchen that he likes to call his office. It was formerly a patio once. The home also has a playland, four bedrooms, and three bathrooms to house all their family members. The house that Guy and his wife Lori lives worth $2.5 million.

Her Husband Guy Fieri’s net worth is $25 million as of 2o21.

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