Gold Rush Cast Net Worth & Salary Details 2021.

Gold Rush is one of the longest-running Discovery show about gold mining. From young cast like Rickness to older ones like Todd Hoffman, they compete with each other for the cause of finding the gold. Read this to know Gold Rush Cast Net Worth and Salaries in 2021.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth: $2 Million.

Parker hails from a family of gold miners. Ever since he opened his eyes, he was destined to enter into his beloved grandfather’s gold mining business.

Parker is lucky to have a great mentor in the form of his grandfather. He used his college tuition fee to start his own business while demonstrating abilities to lead men twice his age.

Image of Gold Rush cast Parker Schnabel net worth is $2 million
Gold Rush cast Parker Schnabel net worth is $2 million

Net worthAs of 2021 reports, Parker Schnabel Net worth stands at an astounding figure of $2 Million. Most of his wealth comes from his gold mining business (which is expanding day by day). A good chunk of it comes from the Discovery’s hit, The Gold Rush.

Salary per episode – According to some estimates, Parker earns a good chunk from his hit show. He is expected to be charging as high as $25,000 per episode. With his success expanding day by day, Parker is expected to take a bigger check for the show.

Todd Hoffman Net Worth: $5 Million.

Todd Hoffman is one of the most prominent faces of The Gold Rush. He has had risked his everything in the gold mining business. According to the sources, Todd was previously in the aviation business. He saw the potential in gold mining and decided to jump ship.

Net worth – The precious metal has made a fortune for Todd. He has been through many ups and downs to learn the basics of the business, upon which his empire stands now. Todd Hoffman has a net worth $5 Million.

Image of Gold Rush cast Todd Hoffman net worth is $5 million
Gold Rush cast Todd Hoffman net worth is $5 million

The mining giant rakes in a sum of $25,000 for every episode. The mining mogul also pays and decides the figure of each and everyone in his team. Generally, it is around $1000 per episode.

Dustin Hurt: $1 Million.

The Gold Rush was formerly a firefighter in California before making his way on to the show. Dustin’s experience doesn’t end here.

He has been in and around heavy machinery for more than twenty years. According to some reports, just after school, Justin started to work in construction, installing seawalls in an area known as Louisiana Bayou.

Net worth– The star is a small fish in a big pond full of experienced minors. Regardless, Dustin Hurt has accumulated a net worth of $1 million as of now.

Image of Gold Rush cast Dustin Hurt net worth is $1 million
Gold Rush cast Dustin Hurt net worth is $1 million

Salary per episode.

While his salary per episode is unknown, it is likely to rise with the increasing success of the show, as more and more people have started loving his character. Dustin is currently preparing for his next role for the TV series.

Rick Ness Net Worth: $1 Million.

As per the sources, before joining the Gold Rush Season 3, Rick had no proper experience in mining. But the hunger to learn and make big drove Rick into learning about heavy machines since his early day at his family’s commercial construction company. His work with Parker helped him grab a promotion.

Image of Gold Rush cast Rick Ness net worth is $400,000
Gold Rush cast Rick Ness net worth is $400,000

Net worth – Rick has an estimated worth of $1 Million. He has accumulated most of his wealth from his career in music along with the special appearance on the show. Rick is currently the new mining boss and a replacement to Todd Hoffman.

Salary per episode – The rising star’s salary remains a mystery. The man is an invaluable member of the team. Apart from this, Rick is also trying his luck in the music industry with some serious projects lined up.

John Schnabel.

The reality star had a very humble beginning. John decided to join the Navy right after the events of the Pearl Harbour incident. He was however drafted into the Air force instead.

At the age of 68, he started a gold mining company to keep himself active. On March 18 of 2016, John passed away in his sleep.

John Schnabel had an estimated net worth of $5 million.


His sources of income included his gold mining business and other small ventures like his wood sawmill and hardware store. The reality star went on to become a famous face on the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush. John paved the way for his grandson Parker Schnabel, teaching him all the tips and tricks of the business.

Salary per episode – John was rumored to make somewhere around $2Million per season or around $25,000 per episode.

Chris Doumitt Net Worth.

It was by accident that Chris Doumitt entered into gold mining. Before his career as a miner, he was a carpenter. He came in touch with the Hoffmans to build a cabin. The job was supposed to take ten days, but instead, Chris decided to stay with the mining crew for more five months.

Chris Doumitt has an estimated net worth of $400,000.

Image of Gold Rush cast Chris Doummitt net worth is $400,000
Gold Rush cast Chris Doummitt net worth is $400,000

Most of his wealth comes from the show Gold Rush. Chris used to work as a crew member for a few seasons. His net worth is expected to increase lately because of his cigar brand, namely, Doumitt Cigar.

Salary per episode – $25,000.

Dave Turin Net Worth: $2 Million.

The star was brought in as an outside consultant by Todd and Jack Hoffman on their first season of gold mining.

Dave got the systems in place, bringing professionalism to the rookie miners. After several failures, the team struck gold last season when they collected about 2700oz of it.

Though he is a graduate in civil engineering and has a family business in mining, Dave enjoys most of his time digging gold out of the soil.

Dave Turin has a net worth of $2 million.

Image of Gold Rush cast Dave Turin net worth is $2 million
Gold Rush cast Dave Turin net worth is $2 million

All of his wealth comes from the Discovery Channel hit show – Gold Rush and his part from the expeditions of gold mining with the crew.

Salary per episode – Sources say that Dave racks in $50,000 for every episode he appears in on Gold Rush.

Fred Hurt Net Worth.

Before entering into the gold expedition business, Fred Hurt was in the construction business for years. He started as a commercial diver in the Gulf Of Mexico, acquiring the skills of underwater construction, demolition, and salvage. After a few successive seasons of gold mining, Fred was finally successful when he found 600 ounces of gold with his five-member team.

Net worth– Fred Hurt has an astounding figure of $6 million as his net worth.

Image of Gold Rush cast Fred Hurt net worth is $6 million
Gold Rush cast Fred Hurt net worth is $6 million

Fred has amassed this huge figure in his 25 years of the construction business and most recently in his few successful expeditions as a gold miner.

Salary per episode – Fred gets twenty-two thousand dollars for every episode in Discovery’s successful show – The Gold Rush.

Greg Remsburg.

He is one of Todd Hoffman’s oldest friends who joined Todd in his gold mining venture after several years of unemployment and frustration, but after three consecutive failures for three seasons, Greg couldn’t help but quit the show and returned to his family.

The star is known for his hard work. He is a skilled operator who was invited to work with Parker Schnabel. Since then, he is a proud member of the company.

Net Worth– In spite of being known for his hard work and being a skilled operator, Greg for most of his part of his life has had remained unemployed. His luck with the Hoffman crew was not entirely successful. Hence nothing much can be said about Greg’s fortune and his net worth.


Salary per episode

According to the reports, he has recently started earning the right amount with the Schnabel crew. His earnings are expected to increase with each successive season.

Jack Hoffman Net Worth: $5 Million.

Gold Rush Cast Jack Hoffman, a fanatic gold miner, has been in the gold mining business for more than twenty-five years.

In spite of coming close to losing everything he still shares love and passion for the industry. With his son Todd Hoffman leading the way, Jack’s wishes had a breeze of fresh air to his dreams.

Since then the father-son duo has not stopped and has mined over 6000 ounces of gold and is looking for more.

Net worth – In an estimate, Jack Hoffman is believed to have a net worth of more than $5 million.

Image of Gold Rush cast Jack Hoffman net worth is $5 million
Gold Rush cast Jack Hoffman net worth is $5 million

All of this money comes from his twenty-five years in gold mining, while a large chunk of it is also believed to be from his association with the hit TV reality show The Gold Rush.

Salary per episode – There are hundreds of reports that have been doing rounds about the wages of these actors. According to reliable sources, Jack Hoffman earns around $10,000 per episode for the Discovery popular program – The Gold Rush.

Gold Rush Cast Jimmy Dorsey.

Being the youngest among the group of miners, Jimmy Dorsey likes to remain adrenaline high and gets bored with mundane and straightforward tasks.

He has his creative methods of working and hence is often in conflict with other members of the team. He was a successful realtor before the economic crash. Jimmy hopes to bring his family once the mines are set up in Alaska.

Net worth–NA

Image of Gold Rush cast Jimmy Dorsey net worth is currently not available
Gold Rush cast Jimmy Dorsey net worth is currently not available

Salary per episode.

According to reports, Jimmy says that the deal with Hoffman was worth $1000 for every episode. The star is taking classes on mining at the moment (most likely on gold mining)

Jim Thurber Net Worth.

Jim Thurber and Todd have known each other for more than 15 years now. Thurber previously a sheet metal worker, lost his job and was about to lose his home too. The Hoffmans brought him and his friend on to their crew.

Image of Gold Rush cast Jim Thurber net worth is $350,000
Gold Rush cast Jim Thurber net worth is $350,000

Net worth – Jim Thurber’s net worth stands estimated at $350,000. Most of the amount is due to the favorite TV show – The Gold Rush. The show also helped him finance his children’s education. While his son graduated from Oregon State University, his daughter completed her graduation from Pioneer Pacific.

Salary per episode –As far as the sources are concerned, the annual salary of Jim Thurber stands at $120,000 per year, which makes it a $10,000 monthly earning.

The exact salary details of the star are still unknown, yet he is expected to withdraw a considerable paycheck owing to his long association both with the show and the Hoffman family.

Gold Rush Cast Mike Halstead Net Worth.

Pastor Mike Halstead is known for his hard work and is a risk-taker in life. In his own words, he would rather risk everything than getting paid by the hour.

Mike has his church and is a pastor in a high school. Currently, he is working on the church, which is supposed to have a thousand people’s capacity. The church will feature its athletic center along with a food bank and gun range.

Image of Gold Rush cast Mike Halstead net worth is currently not available
Gold Rush cast Mike Halstead net worth is currently not available

Net worth–Mike Halstead didn’t have any long-running experience with the show. He is infamous for killing a bear in some early episodes of the show. Since then Mike has tried to keep as much distance from the show as much possible.

Salary per episode.

According to some legitimate sources, Mike has taken other paths and is leading a successful life with his wife Jeanette, daughters, and granddaughters.

Logan Pierce.

Logan Pierce became one of the most integral parts of the cast of Gold Rush in the third season of the show. As per the sources, Pierce was welcomed with open arms to the mining team of Hoffman in Gold Rush upon his debut.

After Logan became a part of the mining team. He eventually became an extraordinary truck driver in the country. The star has managed to keep his private life to herself.

Image of Gold Rush cast Logan Pierce net worth is currently not available
Gold Rush cast Logan Pierce net worth is currently not available

Net Worth: The net worth of Logan Pierce has yet come to light in most of the online sources. But his association with the TV show indicates that he has a massive net worth.

Salary Per Episode: Sadly, Logan Pierce has never revealed anywhere as to how much is getting from Discovery for each episode. The salary of Logan is currently under review.

Gold Rush Cast Sterling Anderson.

By the looks of it, half of Todd Hoffman’s family is a part of the cast and crew in Gold Rush. Todd is a 24-year-old sportsman, scholar, and an avid athlete. Before trying his luck in the mining business, Sterling Anderson took a lot of jobs once he graduated from high school.

Sterling Anderson made his debut in Gold Rush on the 25th of October, 2013, in the fourth season. Anderson was a part of Hoffman’s crew. He usually drove trucks for them.

Net Worth: Given that the lump-sum net worth of Sterling Anderson is still under review. Sources came forward and revealed that the network channel Discovery Channel pays $200,000 for the show.

Salary Per Episode: After evaluating the amount of money that the Discovery Channel pays to Mr. Anderson, by the looks of it, Anderson’s monthly salary is $16, 0000.

Gold Rush Cast Walt “Dozer” Dillard.

He is a renowned man who travels to unique places across the country. Dozer has been crossing over the state for almost 15 years. Dillard came into prominence on Gold Rush with the episode On Road to Glory. He was testing the newly introduced Turbo Trommel.

Net Worth: Walt became a part of Gold Rush in the third season of the show. He has appeared in Road to Gold, The Merger, Redemption Road, and The Night Shift. His appearance on the show suggests that he has a steep net worth of $50,000.

Walt’s salary is currently unknown.

Andy Spinks Net Worth.

The star is an excellent gold miner who is incredibly famous for running every single one of the broad types of equipment on the show.

The moment Andy Spinks stepped into the world of the Gold Rush, he knew in his heart that it is a life-changing experience. Andy Spinks is also famous for keeping his private life extremely discreet.

Net Worth: Andy Spinks doesn’t like to face the camera when he is not featuring in one of the episodes of the show. Andy Spinks’ net worth is estimated to be $50,000.

Salary Per Episode: As far as the sources are concerned, Andy Spinks’ earning in each episode that he has appeared so far signifies that Discovery Channels gives him a fat pay cheque for each episode.

Gold Rush Cast Melody Tallis Net Worth $70 Million.

She is the wife of Arthur Tallis. Melody started her career as a minor alongside her husband, and later she went on to feature on Gold Rush. Melody says that getting cast on the show was a dream come true as she wanted to pursue a career as a gold miner.

Net Worth: Melody Tallis’ net worth is $70,000.

Salary Per Episode: Neither did Melody Tallis nor did Discovery Channel has ever revealed her salary. By the looks of it, Melody Tallis doesn’t want her fans to know how much money is she making from the series.

Tony Beets Net Worth: $15 Million.

The man is a famous reality TV star who came into prominence after appearing on Gold Rush. Throughout his career, people regard Tony Beets as the legendary miner in the whole of Klondike.

Other than mining, Tony Beets is also an owner of an exceedingly productive mining site, Tamarack Mine. Beets featured in the show in the second season which makes him one of the oldest casts of the show.

Net Worth: Gold Rush Cast Tony Beets’ net worth skyrocketed after he featured in Gold Rush. According to the sources, Beets along with his family starred in the show. They have been a part of the show since 2010, and this suggests that the Beets family has a whopping net worth of $15 million.

Salary Per Episode: According to some source, the amount of salary that Tony Beets make in an episode is $150,000, but according to the source, Tony Beets makes $2 million every year.

Kevin Hiatt Net Worth: $100,000.

Before appearing in Gold Rush, Kevin Hiatt had to undergo numerous struggles in his life. He was never born with a silver spoon in his mouth. From an early age, Kevin learned to struggle to have a great work-life and a job that will support his family.

According to some reports, He often credits his popularity to Todd Hoffman, as Mr. Hoffman offered Kevin his dream role, where he earns money by doing what he loves. Kevin Hiatt tried to step into the music industry, but he couldn’t become a fully-fledged musician.

Kevin Hiatt’s net worth is $100,000. And this is the primary reason why none of the media outlets are aware of the net worth that Kevin has made so far.

Mitch Blaschke Net Worth: $200,000.

The reality star used to be a very popular mechanic in his hometown. Mitch has become a part of the crew of Todd Hoffman even since he joined Gold Rush in the third season.

Mr. Blaschke did not have any experience in mining. In the show, Mitch followed the leader of the Hoffman crew with the aim of mining the most significant gold of all time. The team traveled to Guyana. Mitch jumped at the chance to work with the stars of the Gold Rush.

Net Worth: As of now, Mitch has a net worth of $200,000 which he has accumulated from the show.

Salary Per Episode: Mitch receives an annual salary of $100,000 from Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush.

“Nugget Brain” Wayne Peterson Net Worth.

Most people know Wayne by his nickname, Nugget Brain. Wayne found his calling when he was only six years old. All he ever wanted to do was find treasures hidden deep under the surface of the earth.

He used to equip himself with the metal detector which he found in around his house and became a treasure hunter. But his love to gather treasure made it possible for him to become an integral part of Gold Rush.

Wayne Peterson’s net worth is currently unknown. None of the sources has provided the details of Nugget Brain’s wealth.

Austin Nickerson Net Worth.

The minor became a camp member of the Gold Rush when he visited the site of the TV show for the first time. Austin and Schnabel have been great friends since they met each other for the first time when they were in the first grade.

Austin never had any prior experience in mining. And the show intrigued him, and later he became a part of the show. He doesn’t possess a good background when it comes to handling the types of equipment. Nevertheless, he became proficient in the mining industry.

Austin Nickerson’s salary net worth is a mystery.

Gold Rush Cast Net Worth Table:

Celebrity  Name Net Worth
John Schnabel $5 Million
Blue NA
Chris Doumitt $400,000
Dave Turin $2 Million
Fred Hurt $6 Million
Greg Remsburg NA
Jack Hoffman $5 Million
Jimmy Dorsey NA
Jim Thurber $350,000
Mike Halstead NA
Parker Schnabel $2 Million
Todd Hoffman $5 Million
Dustin Hurt $1 Million
Rick Ness $1 Million
Logan Pierce -NA-
Sterling Anderson $16,000 & $200,000
Walt “Dozer” Dillard -NA-
Andy Spinks -NA-
Melody Tallis -NA-
Tony Beets $150,000 & $2 Million
Kevin Hiatt -NA-
Mitch Blaschke $100,000 & $200,000
“Nugget Brain” Wayne Peterson -NA-
Austin Nickerson -NA-

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