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The BBC produced show, Life Below Zero is being aired on National Geographic Channel. It’s a tough job to survive in wilder Alaska, especially in winter. Glenn Villeneuve is one of the casts of the show. Read this to know Glenn Villeneuve’s Wife, Net Worth, and Wiki, Bio.

Glenn Villeneuve in Life Below Zero.

Glenn Villeneuve is one such lead members of the show, Life Below Zero. He is a man who prefers being in a natural environment more often.

He is good at hunting, trapping, fishing, woodcutting, etc. One must know all these skills to survive in the harsh and dangerous zone of Alaska.

Glenn Villeneuve Wife, Married Life, and Kids.

Currently, Glenn is happily in love with Trisha Kazan. The duo has a 2 years six-month-old daughter, Agatha. The youngest daughter was born on June 22, 2017. Glenn Posted on Facebook.

Meet Agatha Villeneuve, our newest family member! Born at 11:24pm last night, weighing in at an ounce shy of 9lbs and doing just fine. Made it to the Birth Center with 40 minutes to spare? With all the excitement, big sister Amelia didn’t get to sleep until past 2am!

It’s a second relationship for both the couple. Glenn Villeneuve from Life Below Zero has two sons, Willow Leaves and Wolf Song, from his previous marriage.

Image of Glenn Villeneuve with his wife Trisha Kazan and with their kids
Glenn Villeneuve with his wife Trisha Kazan and with their kids

Even Trisha has a daughter, Amelia Atkins, from her previous marriage. Currently, the couple is living with their four kids in Brook Range. Glenn’s ex-wife’s name was Siliva Daeumichen, whom he had married in 2001.

Glenn’s wife Trisha Kazan and daughter Amelia moved to Alaska back in 2014. Glenn Posted on Facebook.

Then and now: Today marks 5 years since Trisha and Amelia moved to Alaska!

Image of Life Below Zero Glenn Villeneuve and his wife and kids.

Back then he only had one daughter Amelia, now she has a younger daughter.

Glenn Villeneuve Net Worth.

His net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 to 1million dollars. His earning salary per episode is $4500.

Apart from the show, Life Below Zero – Glenn Villeneuve has his hand on real estate business too. His other earnings are also derived from the Stock Market.

Image of TV Personality,  Glenn Villeneuve net worth is $1 million
TV Personality,  Glenn Villeneuve net worth is $1 million

Glenn Villeneuve Wiki, Biography, Family.

Glenn was born on the 18th of Aug 1969 in Burlington, Vermont. He is a Christian by religion. His childhood passed away in learning hunting, gatherings, trapping, etc.

He never went to school, and that is the reason he does not know proper education. The road distance to his cabin is nearly 60miles. In one of his interviews, Glenn stated –

“I have always been independent. I enjoy learning and will continue to learn and explore more and more”.

He also exclaimed that he loves to see owl’s nest in the early morning rather than watching tv.

There is no much information regarding Life Below Zero Glenn Villeneuve’s parents or siblings, as he never mentioned it. He moved to Alaska in 1999.

At the time, he used to live in Chandalar, which is a small town and is situated 65miles north from Arctic Circle.

Image of Glenn Villeneuve from the TV show, Life Below Zero
Glenn Villeneuve from the TV show, Life Below Zero

His family survives harsh Alaska by eating off sheep, moose, and caribou meat. This is how he came into the forefront of BBC producer and was chosen for the show, Life Below Zero.

And since then, there is no turning back. He has many fans following. After joining this tv show, Glenn’s net worth also took up to the hill.

Once there was a time when Glenn Villeneuve had to live in a tent while building up his house. At that moment, he was surrounded by wolves. It was a terrific scene. But he managed somehow to escape from there.

Glenn has 1960 followers on Instagram, which is full of his Alaska’s journey pictures with his family. And also, he has 3582 followers on the Twitter handle.

Name Glenn Villeneuve
Birth Date 18th Aug 1969
Spouse Trisha Kazan
Children Willow Leaves, Wolf Song, Agatha, Amelia Atkins
Profession Reality Tv Star, Woodcutter, Fisher, Hunter, Trapper, etc.
Net Worth $500,000 -$1million

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