Who is Dr. Pol Vet that killed her Husband?

The Incredible Dr. Pol,’ is one of the most-watched and highest-rated television shows premiering on Nat Geo Wild channel. The show was filmed in Central Michigan. This article is about Dr. Pol Vet that killed her husband.

The show features Dr. Jan Pol and his team of qualified veterinarians specializing in treating big farm animals. However, occasionally they also undertake small animals. Moreover, the show has recently completed its 19th season and is preparing for the upcoming season.

Like many other reality shows, this series has also faced multiple lawsuits and controversies in the past. One of those is the murder of the husband by the practicing veterinarian of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol.’ Thus, in this article, we talk about which of Dr. Pol’s vets killed her husband.

Is Dr. Elizabeth Dr. Pol’s vet that killed her husband?

This question has been asked many times in the internet and social media after Dr. Elizabeth mysteriously disappeared from the show. She also never talked about the reason for leaving the show, raising suspicion among the viewers. However, Dr. Elizabeth is not Dr. Pol’s vet to have killed her husband.

Dr. Elizabeth with her late husband.
Dr. Elizabeth with her late husband

Dr. Elizabeth’s husband, Robert Jason Grammar, died in a tragedy. Robert had too many hard drinks on Christmas night in 2016 and got unwell.

He asked Elizabeth for his regular medication ‘Butorphanol.’ However, as soon as he took medicine, he became unconscious and passed away on a hospital bed the same night. Following this tragedy, Elizabeth herself went through depression and also attempted suicide. It is then the talented Dr. Elizabeth left the show.

Who is Dr. Pol’s vet who killed her husband?

Dr. Wendi Mae Davidson is Dr. Pol’s vet who killed her Air Force Staff husband, Sergeant Michael Leslie Severance. In January 2005, Wendi reported her missing husband.

However, after several months of investigation, Wendi was found guilty of murdering her husband. Police found Severance’s body in a pond tied with heavyweights in March 2005.

Dr. Wendi Mae Davidson is the Dr. Pol Vet who killed her husband

Furthermore, being underwater for months deteriorated Severance’s body. Wendi first injected him with poison and stabbed his body 41 times before he died.

Following the murder, Wendi faced murder charges along with charges of evidence tampering. Dr. Pol’s vet Wendi is now in Gatesville prison, serving her 25 years imprisonment. Wendi also faced charges for evidence tampering and will serve another ten years in prison.

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