David Brinkley Net Worth.

David Brinkley was a renowned and Veteran news anchorman who worked for nearly five years for NBC News and ABC. Besides, he has been the host of This Week with David Brinkley Sunday political show which aired in the 1980/90s. Due to his outstanding work and remarkable career, he has been awarded the George Foster Peabody Awards thrice and the prestigious Emmy awards an impressive ten times.

The recipient of Presidental Medal of Freedom, David has earned both name and fame in American television history. Get to know more about David Brinkley’s net worth, salary, cars, houses, etc. through the following article dedicated to him.

Who is David Brinkley? Work Highlight.

His real name is David McClure Brinkley. He was born on July 10, 1920, at the Wilmington, North Carolina, U.S.A. David started his career by working as a writer for a local newspaper known as Wilmington Morning Star while he was still a schoolboy. He received his high school education from New Hanover High School.

He was a highly educated man and got his college education from top universities such as Vanderbilt University, University of North Carolina and Emory University. After which David joined the US Army in the year 1940 and quit following a medical problem.

Image of American newscaster, David Brinkley
American newscaster, David Brinkley

Brinkley worked in various Southern bureaus of an international news agency, United Press International. Later he transferred to Washington DC searching for a job as a radio anchor at the popular, CBS News. However, David found himself landed at the NBC News and began working as a White House correspondent.

Sadly, the famed newscaster, David Brinkley died in 2003 in his mansion in Houston as a result of complications suffered from fall which occurred at his farm home at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. David Brinkley was 82 at the time of his death.

David Brinkley Net worth.

The legendary David Brinkley has earned tremendous income from his successful career as an accomplished TV journalist of all time. Hence, his net worth is estimated to be at $1.9 million. His annual income has not been officially disclosed as of now.

Image of TV Journalist, David Brinkley net worth is $1.9 million
TV Journalist, David Brinkley net worth is $1.9 million

Additionally, he has also written several books. However, his most famous work came with the book, Washington Goes to War, which became one of the best selling books in 1988. David Brinkley must gain significant income from his writing such a critically acclaimed book.

Cars and House details.

He has an impressive career as a news anchor and made an impressive net worth at the end of his career. Moving and talking about the late David Brinkley ‘s assets, i.e., cars and house. David enjoyed a happy and comfortable life after his retirement with his family in his expensive home in Houston, Texas.

Image of Newscaster, David Brinkley house
Newscaster, David Brinkley house

Moreover, he led a lavish life and did not suffer any sort of financial discomforts during and after his career was over. Furthermore, David Brinkley has several branded collection of cars which are assumed to cost around hundreds of thousands of dollars in the current market.

Quick Info on David Brinkley.

Name David McClure Brinkley
Net worth $1.9 million
Profession Newscaster
Spouse Susan Adolph
Age 82(June 11, 2003)

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