Dave Kindig Net Worth, Age. His Wife Charity Kindig and Their Kids.

Dave Kindig is a Salt Lake City native who is particularly fond of cars. This is a passion he has had since childhood. Dave used to play with hot wheels, and this led to a deep appreciation for cars later on in life. Even while at school, he was known to various frequent garages, picking up great tips on how to customize different vehicles.

Dave and his wife Charity Kindig are also entrepreneurs with a flourishing family business. Learn everything there is to know about Dave Kindig in this review as we take a more in-depth look into his family life.

Dave Kindig’s Net worth is $2.5 Million.

Credible sources indicate that your average designer can rake in about $65,000 annually. When we factor in different levels of experience, the bureau of labor indicates that a designer with over 20 years of experience can bring home over a 100K in regards to revenue.

Lest we forget, reality television is another avenue in which Dave generates additional income. If reports are to be believed, Dave pulls in as much as $10K for every episode he is a part of. Dave Kindig also sells Car parts and apparel on his official website/shop. As such, Dave Kindig’s net worth presently stands at $2.5 million.

Who is Dave Kindig?

Dave Kindig is a reality television personality who was propelled on to the limelight after featuring on Bitching Rides. The series followed Dave and his crew as they work on some of the most intriguing vehicles in Salt Lake City. These include the likes of a 69 Camaro and even a 33 Ford Tudor.

Dave’s show first aired back on 2nd September 2014. At the point of writing, it is in its 6th season. This has come on the back of 69 episodes so far. David works with other renowned mechanics such as Kevin Schiele and Bryce Green.


The show has given as an insight into Dave Kindig’s skills. Fans have witnessed firsthand just how good it is when it comes to drafting new designs. Remarkably, this is a feat he can achieve in less than two hours, and it has made him a sought after customizer and designer.

David Kindig’s expertise with vehicles has not gone unnoticed. The mechanic has been the recipient of various accolades. These include the prestigious Master Builder Awards, which was awarded to him in 2012, a GM Design Recognition five years earlier. He was even recognized by the people at the Food Design Industry.

Image of Caption: TV personality, Dave Kindig
Caption: TV personality, Dave Kindig

David’s first career point can be traced back to his time at a High-Performance Company. He stayed with the organization for nearly a decade, traveling across different states and working with several other car enthusiasts. David was particularly keen on improving the appearance of custom motor vehicles, as well as switching focus to their ergonomics.

Owner of Kindig-It Design.

After collecting years of experience across various garages, Dave, with the support of his wife, launched Kindig-It. They set up before the turn of the century, and it was completely centered on car design. It is a 27,000 square foot property where his skilled team acquires old cars and transforms them.

The company takes designing and conceptualization to a whole new level. Through the use of computers, their designs have become much more effective. It is fair to say that they have cornered the market and transformed the industry.

Dave Kindig’s Age, Date of Birth.

The car mechanic, Dave Kindig, came into this world on 6th February 1971 in Salt Lake City, Utah. As we speak, Dave is 49 years old at the moment. Switching focus to his star sign, we can see that he is an Aquarius.

Dave Kindig is married to Charity Kindig.

David is married to a woman named Charity. While details around their relationship are scarce to come by, we estimate that they met sometime around the early 90s. By 1992, Dave and Charity were walking down the aisle.

Their love for cars bonds the two. Charity, in particular, has been passionate about cars even before she was 10 years old. Her entire family was car enthusiasts, and they would all regularly go to various exhibits.

A lot of people will be surprised to learn that Charity Kindig is the one who encouraged Dave to actively pursue his dream of starting his garage. Charity is presently the VP of Kindig-it design.

Image of Caption: Dave Kindig with his wife Charity Kindig
Caption: Dave Kindig with his wife, Charity Kindig


So it is fair to say that their relationship extends well beyond his personal life. After a 28-year-old marriage, Dave and his wife Charity Kindig have two children together. These are Drew and Baylee Kindig.

As soon as they were old enough, both of them started working at their family’s company. Drew, the youngest child, has wholly taken after his father. He is a talented artist who helps run the merchandising side of the business.

Image of Caption: Dave Kindig with his kids Baylee Kindig (daughter) and Drew Kindig (son)
Caption: Dave Kindig with his kids Baylee Kindig (daughter) and Drew Kindig (son)

His older sister Baylee, on the other hand, was more into the business aspect of the organization. She initially worked as a runner before being promoted to the office head. Presently, she leads the apparel unit of her parent’s company. Dave Kindig and wife Charity’s daughter Baylee is also engaged and about to be married.

Charity Kindig’s bio.

There is not a lot of information in regards to Charity’s biography. However, a quick look at her social media account gave us quite a bit to go on. She is an entrepreneur and the co-owner of Kindig-It designs.

Dave Kindig’s wife Charity also has a beautiful black little puppy, which she is overly fond of.  His name is Buggati. Charity Kindig is quite fond of her family, as the pictures also suggest. While looking at her age, we estimate that Charity is somewhere in her 40s at the moment.


Dave Kindig’s wiki-bio.

Full name David ‘Dave’ Kindig
Age 49 years old.
Date of Birth 6th February 1971.
Place of Birth Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
Profession Mechanic, Entrepreneur, Reality television personality
Net worth $2.5 million.
Wife Charity Kindig
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Parents Under review.

A Quick look at Dave Kindig’s Social Media.

Dave Kindig is fairly active online. A look at his Instagram page, for example, will show you that he has around 241,000 followers. Dave primarily uses his page to promote his reality show, bitchin rides. The page is also a testament to how much Dave loves his wife. He wished her a happy birthday in a post last week. In the process, a fan’s got an insight into just how much he loves Charity.

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