Cristy Lee from “Garage Squad” Net Worth, Husband, Age, Death, Wiki, Bio.

Cristy Lee is a certified auto diva and the co-host for MotorTrend’s All Girl’s Garage. She also doubles up as the co-host for Garage Squad, taking up after former host, Heather Storm, in season 6. During her spare time, you can find Lee driving her motorcycle on racetracks, autocross events, and performance driving schools. However, that’s barely scratching the surface as to who this young lady is. For more info on Cristy Lee’s net worth, husband, age, wiki-bio, and death be sure to check the full segment.

Who is Cristy Lee?

Cristy Lee from Garage Squad is a Jill of all trades in the automobile world. Her work portfolio has her as a dancer, sports journalist, PA announcer, actress, television host, and all in one mechanic. But that’s not all; she is also a motorcyclist, mountain biker, and mini-motor racer.

Cristy Lee Husband: Cristy Lee is Not Married To Anyone.

Cristy Lee crosses off every manly guy’s checklist; she’s gorgeous, fit, and knows her way around engines.  It’s for this reason that the show’s forum gets flooded with comments and questions asking whether or not she’s taken.

Sadly, the auto diva never responds to questions that poke her personal life. She deflects them all with talks emphasizing on her career and personal achievements. As far as we’re concerned, Cristy Lee is far from married. Sources point out that she’s not dating anyone either. Therefore, if you think you’ve got what it takes, now’s the time to approach her. To sum it up, Cristy Lee is not married to any husband.

Image of Cristy Lee is currently single now
Caption: Cristy Lee is currently single now

Cristy Lee Net Worth.

Most reputable sites have shot and missed the real figure on Cristy Lee’s net worth. The most we’ve seen are figures ranging from $13 million to $18 million. Eventually, the rumors got to her, and she took to Instagram to address the false information. She pointed her net worth was not $18 million and wished the stories were true.

In the real sense, Cristy Lee’s net worth is still under review. There are a lot of variables in her career that’ ’s hard to keep up with the figures. For starters, we all know the story about her move to Detroit to work as a trained dancer back in 2006. She made it onto the Detroit Pistons Dance Team and later rose to perform for the MISL Dance Team.

Image of TV actor, Cristy Lee
Caption: TV actor, Cristy Lee

The auto diva then branched out as an MC and a game show host in one of Detroit’s casinos. The move opened up more pathways landing her a gig as a narrator for Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep. Additionally, she also worked as a traffic reporter and DJ on 101.1 WRIF radio.

As her net worth grew, the longer her resume piled up with experience. The Garage Squad host would later kickstart her career in motorsports after landing a position on Velocity Network’s All Girls Garage. At the same time, she doubles down like a lead host for the CBS Sports Network and reporter for MotoAmerica, MotoGP, and WorldSuperbike on BeIN Sports Network.

Cristy Lee age.

The same rumors that falsified her net worth also tampered with her age. Cristy Lee’s date of birth is on July 1ST, 1984, and not in the year 1977, as most sources point out. That means that the TV show’s actual age is 35 and not 42. She is a Scorpio by birth.


The 35-year-old reporter doesn’t look a day old in her 30’s. With her beautiful blonde hair, a pair of brown eyes, and body measurements of 32 by 23 by 32 inches, she looks more in her mid-20’s. Lastly, she also stands at the height of 5 feet 2 inches with no info on her weight measurements.

Cristy Lee Wiki, bio, and other facts.

Name Cristy Lee
Profession News reporter, radio and TV personality,
Husband Undisclosed
Age 35
Birthdate July 1st, 1984.

Another we need to debunk is that Cristy Lee from Garage Squad is originally from Florida in contrast to what most sources have on her. She was born to her parent’s Barry and Jean MacCoy. Her dad works as a mechanic and operates an auto garage called Import Auto Service, whereas her mom works as a teacher. Barry MacCoy once worked at the American Motorcycle Institute in Daytona Beach, which could explain his daughter’s love for bikes.

This was also their home where Cristy grew up in. She attended DeLand High School and graduated in the year 2003. She enrolled at the local Daytona State College to study dance and moved to Detroit upon graduation. It’s from here that her career unfolded right between our eyes.

Cristy Lee Death rumor or fact?

There have been a lot of fake newsworthy stories surrounding the TV host regarding her net worth, age, place, and date of birth. Luckily, her death isn’t one of them.

Image of Cristy Lee is still alive fit and healthy
Caption: Cristy Lee is still alive fit and healthy

Instead, the death of a renowned figure closest to her was the fatal accident by Jessi Combs, who dies in jet-car crash. She was a former host on All Girls Garage.

Social Media Activities.

Cristy Lee from Garage Squad is currently cooped up inside her home, remodeling her bathroom. She occasionally shares pictures of her dog and motorcycles on her Instagram page with over 186K followers. She also shares photos of her newfound family on MotorTrend’s All Girls Garage. However, there is nothing close to her husband on social media.

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