Big Chief is Dating New Girlfriend after Divorce From Alicia Shearer. His Net Worth, Age, Wiki-Biography.

Justin Shearer, also known as Big Chief, is one of the most prominent street racers who appears on the TV Series, Street Outlaws. Since his entire childhood, Big Chief had a love for cars, and this made him pursue a career in street racing. Justin Shearer was born on 9th of December 1980 in Kentucky. The street racer, came into prominence after he was put as a cast on the TV-Series Street Outlaws. Though he disappeared for a while there in season 10, he is currently back. Check out Big Chief’s net worth, age, family, and wife here.

Ever since he appeared in the show, Big Chief became a prominent personality to the viewers who were in love with the program. His big break with Street Outlaws made him gather a hefty sum of net worth, which also earned him a high status as a street racer in America.

Big Chief Net Worth is $2 Million in 2019.

As far as Big Chief’s net worth is concerned, his collaboration with Discovery Channel’s famous TV Series, Street Outlaws allowed him to earn a hefty sum of money till the show met its tenth season.

As per sources, Street Outlaws Big Chief has a net worth of $2 million. Being a permanent cast on the program which allowed him to make a fortune. He also possesses multiple records due to his career as a street racer.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Big chief net worth is $2 million
Street Outlaws cast Big chief net worth is $2 million

According to a source, the Tv star earns a salary of around $20,000 for each episode of Street Outlaws which provides the street racer with good net worth. He has a vast car collection which might have come from his net worth such as the classic 1972 Pontiac LeMans and the Pontiac GTO (1970).

Big Chief’s Married Life and Divorce from Alicia Shearer.

Love for Big Chief was like of the movies, and it was love at first sight. When Big Chief was a teenager, he met his future wife Alicia when he went to a Kentucky gas station.

In a few of his interviews, the racer made it abundantly clear that he felt nervous when he laid his eyes on his future wife, Alicia. He also thought that he would have massive trouble if he doesn’t get Alicia into his life.

After a certain period, Alicia started dating young Justin Shearer and later on 29th of November 2006, their relationship transcended into soulmates. According to a source, Alicia was also a Kentucky-born, same as Shearer.

Image of Big Chief with his ex-wife Allicia and with their kids
Big Chief with his ex-wife Alicia and with their kids

Big Chief and Alicia were blessed with two sons after their walk down the aisle. Corvil Shearer and Corbin Shearer are the names of both of their sons.

Every marriage has its positive side and negative side, and the same was the case between Alicia, Shearer’s wife, and Chief. In the year 2017, a rumor circulated on the internet which suggested that Alicia filed for a divorce. 

Sadly, later the Justin Shearer and Alicia Shearer spoke out about the divorce stating that their divorce was not just a rumor but in fact, a truth.

Sadly, the couple called it a quits in the year 2017 because according to Justin, the marriage was not working. When trouble escalated, the couple finally decided to end their marriage and lead separate lives.

Big Chief is Now Dating a New Girlfriend Jackie Braasch.

When it was love on the rocks for the couple, many people speculated a third party was involved. The rumored blonde girl was none other than Jackie Braasch.

She has been keenly following Justin all through the show. This sparked the rumors that they were having an affair.

Image of Big Chief girlfriend Jackie Braasch
Big Chief girlfriend, Jackie Braasch

After Chief’s marriage came to an end, he started dating Jackie Braasch, and in a podcast show, Big Chief said that he sees a bright future with his girlfriend Braasch.

By the looks of it, Jackie maintains a low-key appearance on social media. Nevertheless, Jackie is also a racer just like her boyfriend; she is an active member of an automobile organization confined to women, Car Chix.

Jackie also draws her inspiration from her father, who was also a gear head. She decided to become a racer when she saw that her father built a 1985 Chevrolet Camero.

The street racer also helped her dad a little bit in making the car. She started as a drag racer when she was only eight years old.

Big Chief Fatal Accident.

Big Chief on 14th of November, found himself amid a fatal accident. The racer and Brian Davis, also known as “Chucky” could have lost their lives as both of their cars collided.

Justin escaped the fatal accident with his life. Regardless, most disasters come with an injury.

Image of Big Chief had an accident on 14th of November
Big Chief had an accident on the 14th of November

Big Chief suffered a broken collarbone, pulmonary wounds as well as a damaged spinal cord. His strong will and determination made him get over the injury to continue pursuing a career of a street racer.

Big Chief Wiki.

Justin Shearer, aka Big Chief, was born on 9th of December 1980. His mother raised him as a kid, and he calls her his hero. Sadly, after the death of his father, Justin’s mother had to work two jobs to raise two kids.

Image of Big Chief from Street Outlaws show
Big Chief from Street Outlaws show

This suggests that Big Chief has a sibling. A brother to be precise, but nothing else exists about him. Similarly, the street racer never mentioned the name of his mother or his father or even his brother.

Age 38 (December 9, 1980)
Net worth $2 Million
Spouse Alicia Shearer
Kids 2
Occupation Street Car Racer, Television Personality
Parents N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity White

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