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Andy Hillstrand is an American fisherman who made a name for himself in the reality TV series ‘Deadliest Catch’. Once upon a time, Andy Anderson used to just be a simple fisherman, but his life changed when he joined the famous reality TV show. Read on to know Andy Hillstrand’s Net Worth, meet his wife in wiki type bio.

The Hillstrands have always had fishing blood in them. Not only was Andy’s father a fisherman but also his grandfather. Andy was raised in Homer with his brothers alongside his father, John Hillstrand Sr, and stepmom, Nancy Hillstrand. To find out more about the fascinating life of Andy Hillstrand, read along.

Andy Hillstrand in Deadliest Catch.

Andy Hillstrand had the amazing opportunity to be part of the ‘Deadliest Catch’ season 2. The show gained more viewers season by season due to the fascinating life the fishermen aboard live.

In the show, during an episode, Andy got to Captain the F/v bandit. Andy’s brothers are also part of the show, and they own the boat.

Jonathan, Andy, and Neal Hillstrand have been together till the 13th season of the show. It is rumored that they did not appear in the 14th season. Andy Hillstrand spent a really long time in the show, and he has memories of it for sure.

Image of Andy Hillstrand from the TV reality show, Deadliest Catch
Caption: Andy Hillstrand from the TV reality show, Deadliest Catch

Why did he leave the Deadliest catch? What is he doing now?

The Hillstrand brothers had a problem with the Time Bandit boat. Unfortunately, the ship’s engine exploded. One of the brothers announced on social media that the Time Bandit would not be available for the show’s next crabbing season. The viewer who already began to fall in love with the show was heartbroken, especially when they found out that the famous large ship had been sold. The Hillstrands got a pretty good amount for it, $2,888,888.

 Andy Hillstrand is married to Sabrina Hillstrand.

Andy Hillstrand is married to the lovely Sabrina Hillstrand. The two have been married for over 33 years and even have two daughters; Cassandra and Chelsea Hillstrand. Since the daughters grew in a large environment filled with horses, one of them picked up a horse riding hobby.

Image of Andy Hillstrand with his wife Sabrina Hillstrand
Caption: Andy Hillstrand with his wife, Sabrina Hillstrand

Cassandra Hillstrand is the reason Andy Hillstrand started loving to ride horses leading him to win various races. This shows how Andy has a fantastic relationship with his daughters even though he was always away on the show.

Andy Hillstrand Net worth

Andy Hillstrand’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. The reality TV star made quite a good amount while he was in the show. Mr. Hillstrand earned $25,000 per episode from the network during his phenomenal run on the series. Apart from starring in the program, Andy also gets his source of income in his other businesses. He is known to own a 17- acre ranch back in Chandler, Indiana. Both he and his wife, Sabrina Hillstrand, own a business, Hobby Horse Acres, where they teach people how to ride trained horses.

Image of TV personality, Andy Hillstrand net worth
Caption: TV personality, Andy Hillstrand net worth

Where does Andy Hillstrand live?

Various sources say that Andy Hillstrand and his family settled in Virginia.

Is Andy Hillstrand sick?

There is no information regarding whether Andy Hillstrand is sick or not. However, there was an incident that occurred in the Time Bandit, where one of the Crabbers got seriously injured, and his career had to end. The victim’s right hand was severely injured, and we went through many surgeries. People jumped to the conclusions that Andy Hillstrand had been negligent in having the victim shoot of the fireworks.

 Andy Hillstrand wiki-bio and other facts

Full name Andy Paul Hillstrand
Age 56 years old
Date of Birth 23rd September 1963
Place of Birth Homer, Alaska, U.S
Profession  TV Actor, Commercial fisherman
Net worth $1.5 million
Wife Sabrina Hillstrand
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Libra
Parents John Hillstrand Sr., Nancy Hillstrand( stepmother)

Andy Paul Hillstrand is an American commercial fisherman. He is currently 56 years and was born in 23rd September 1963 in Homer, Alaska. Andy has three brothers; Jonathan, David, Neal, and his stepbrother, Lincoln Brewster. The Hillstrand family is one good example of a family who knows how to keep traditions going. Andy’s grandparents started the fishing tradition; Earl David Hillstrand and Mary Jane Lloyd.

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