What is wrong with Roger Cook from “This Old House?” know about his Cancer, Parkinson, and Health Update.

Does the name Roger Cook sound familiar? If you watch the PBS Home Renovation show, “This Old House”, you know that he has become quite famous as a landscape contractor. However, recently several questions on his absence as well as a limited presence in the latest season attracted a lot of attention — both in the media as well as among the public. Speculations arose about Rodger Cook’s health update and battles with Cancer, Parkinsons and more.

While very little was known about this in the past, the reality TV personality provided a statement regarding the issue. It was published on the show’s website. He wrote to fans very personally stating, “Some viewers may have noticed that I haven’t been myself over the last season.” He also added, “I have been dealing with several health issues that have made performing on television more difficult.” This made his degrading health quite clear to the public.

Roger Cook Bio.

Born on August 14, 1940, in England, Roger Cook gained a lot of recognition starring in the reality TV show This Old House as a landscape contractor since 1988. However, his first appearance in the show was way before in 1982.

He has also made several appearances in two different shows associated with This Old House, “Ask This Old House” and “Inside This Old House”. Before being on reality shows, he was reportedly working as a landscape foreman in a private company.

Roger Cook has become a popular name in landscape contractor through the reality TV show. He holds a bachelor’s of Science degree in wildlife management and conservation law from the University of Maine in 1977. Currently, in his mid-60s, the contractor is a father to two children, Jason, and Molly Cook.

He is also widower to his wife of 31 years. His late wife, Kathleen, passed in 2010 after battling cancer for years. The couple founded K & R Tree and Landscape Company in 1982. Recently, he said that he would take some time off to focus on health as well as spend more time with his family.

Roger Cook from ‘This Old House’ Illness.

Roger Cook has been very secretive about his health over the years. The PBS show also hasn’t made any statements or given any reasonable answers on the issue. Moreover, his limited appearances haven’t gone unnoticed by the fans and have raised many questions regarding the reality star.

However, he has been as private as possible about his health issues leaving fans with nothing but speculations. On that note, fans were quick to notice that he was limping in his minimal appearances on the show. Moreover, they also theorized him to be very ill as he looked unwell in his presentations.

His movements also seemed to be stiff and out of the ordinary. Others said that it could be because of old age as he is already in his mid-60s. However, rumors have been quick to point out his health. Assumption deduced include deadly diseases like spine stenosis, heart attack, Parkinson, and whatnot.

However, Roger Cook hasn’t confirmed any of the allegations. He wrote an open letter to fans breaking all the mystery around the subject in 2018.

He stated that he was not in good health but had a good company taking care of him around. Also, he had become much different than before and made it clear that his appearances on the show would be much more limited. His primary focus was on getting in better health.

Roger Cook from “This Old House”: Cancer, Parkinson, and Heart attack.

As mentioned before, there have been more than one speculation related to Roger Cook’s health. Some fans have suspected that he has Cancer. No news has reached us regarding this speculation

A wider demographic has guessed that he also might have Parkinson Disease. It’s an illness that affects nerve cells producing dopamine and symptoms include muscle rigidity, tremors, and changes in speech and gait. Other stories also went with a heart attack.

However, the lack of reliable sources to confirm the news only give it away as a mere rumor. While the exact condition of Roger Cook is all but a blurry image, for now, we can confirm he is not in good health and has a lot of recovering to do.

Roger Cook Health Update now.

After releasing the statement about being unwell as well as addressing that he will not be able to make many appearances on the show, Roger Cook has stayed away from the public eye.

He has confirmed that he is having severe health issues but is also in good hands. As he strives for quick recovery, the TV star requested fans to give him and his family some privacy.

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