Norman Hansen from “Deadliest Catch” Net Worth, wife, age, wiki bio.

Norman Hansen is a Seattle native with a penchant for the open ocean. He is not only a deckhand but also very proficient at boat mechanics. It stems from his love for automobiles. Before he got aboard his family’s famous vessel, Norman spent time repairing old cars in his youth. He and his brother Sig constantly raced each other while they were younger.

Norman, however, was always going to make his mark on the sea. He comes from generations of fishers, and joining the family business was inevitable. Join us as we take a closer gaze at Norman Hansen’s net worth and wife.

Who is Norman Hansen?

Norman Hansen is a ship mechanic and reality television star. The Deadliest Catch has given him the chance to work with some renowned fishermen and captains. These include his brother, Sig, and other names like Matt Bradley and Nick Mavar. All three worked aboard the ‘Northwestern.’ It is a ship captained by his brother, Sig Hansen.

Image of Norman Hansen from the TV show, The Deadliest Catch
Caption: Norman Hansen from the TV show, The Deadliest Catch

Norman first appeared in the episode titled ‘The Finish Line’ back in 2006. His debut came a year after the show’s premiere episode.  Since then, he has made 18 more appearances, contributing to the show’s impressive 16 season run. His time on the show came to an end last year when Norman Hansen stop showing up on the series.

Despite being a third-generation fisherman, it was not always something Norman wanted to do. While in college, he studied automotive engineering. It, in turn, led to a career as an auto mechanic. Norman subsequently became an expert engineer, working across various auto-body shops as he honed his skill. He remained an auto-mechanic right up until he turned 35 when the call of the ocean was too loud to ignore. Norman Hansen from Deadliest Catch finally found his way aboard the Northwestern. He now lends his expertise in mechanics to the boat.

Norman Hansen’s Age, Date of Birth.

Norman Hansen was born on the 24th of April 1967 in Seattle, Washington. As we write, he is ten days shy of turning 53. He is a Taurus in regards to a star sign.

Norman Hansen is married to a Mystery Wife.

The short answer is yes. His Discovery Channel Page confirms that a soft-spoken fisherman is a married man. It even goes as far as to say that he has a few kids. Other than that, there is no mention of his wife’s name whatsoever. Even the identity of his children remains a mystery. We will, however, do everything we can to uncover their identities.

Norman Hansen Net Worth, wiki-bio.

Full name Norman Hansen
Age 43 years old.
Date of Birth April 24th, 1967
Place of Birth Seattle, Washington, USA.
Profession Former auto-mechanic, Deckhand, Reality Television Personality
Net worth $1 Million.
Marital Status Married.
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Parents Sverre and Snefryd Hansen

Earning received as salary from the show and by selling fish Norman has gathered himself quite a handsome amount. As of 2020, Norman Hansen from Deadliest Catch has a net worth of $1 million.

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