Louise Anstead [Ant Anstead Ex-wife] Wiki Biography.

Louise Anstead was the wife of an English motor specialist and television host, Ant Anstead. He is famous for hosting Wheeler Dealers and For the Love of Cars. Other than that, he is also a great designer, artist, and car builder.

Recently, the TV star welcomed his son with a new wife, Christina El Moussa, and nearly all the attention shifted to her. Instead, we intensified our resources to bring you info on Louise Anstead’s biography, net worth as well as finding out what she is up to now.

Who is Louise Anstead? Her Career info

Louise wasn’t born a celebrity but instead became one through her marriage to Ant Anstead. Once that ship sailed, so did the media’s attention on her. Some still seek out fame in unimaginable ways, but not her.

She accepted her fate and went back to living a simple life. Even when she accompanied her husband to events and posed for a photo, no one knew what her career was. Louise Anstead carefully hid her talents from the world and lived happily in her bubble; until it popped.

Louise Anstead married life and divorce with ex-husband, Ant Anstead.

According to wiki leaks online, Louise Anstead met and fell in love with her husband approximately seven years before their marriage in 2005. This can only mean that the couple developed a thing for each other during their college years.

Their love culminated in their firstborn daughter Amelie, born out of wedlock in 2003. She is currently 16 years old. Moreover, after the couple wedded, Archie, their firstborn son, joined then in 2007. He is now 12 years old today.

Image of Louise Anstead with her ex-husband Ant Anstead and with their kids
Louise Anstead with her ex-husband Ant Anstead and with their kids

Regardless, their children weren’t enough to hold their marriage. Twelve years after exchanging their vows, the couple divorced in 2017.

Ant Anstead was the first to report on his Twitter handle in October 2017, citing that they had separated in July 2017. Rumour has it that the TV star had an extra-marital affair that caused their separation

Louise Anstead Net Worth 2019.

After the divorce, Louise Anstead stepped into the shadows. Though her ex-husband won custody over their two kids, he parted with a hefty figure in the name of alimony. Louise Anstead holds an estimated net worth of $500K, mostly from her divorce settlement.

Image of Ant Anstead ex-wife Louise Anstead net worth is $500,000
Ant Anstead ex-wife Louise Anstead net worth is $500,000

Her ex-husband, Ant Anstead, has a net worth of approximately $5 million even after parting with the alimony. Aside from his day-time job as a television host, Ant was a police constable not too long ago. He also draws his net worth from his production company and shows like The World’s Most Expensive Cars.

His children live a healthy and wealthy lifestyle. How do we know? Well, Ant Anstead does some philanthropy work for the Harrisons fund charity for children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. If he can take care of needy kids, imagine his own.

What is Louise Anstead doing now?

Louise Anstead isn’t active on social media. All our efforts to track her down bore no fruit. At this juncture, you can only find her when she decides to break the laws. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to tell whether she found someone new nor her career plan these days.

On the other hand, Ant Anstead recently became a father to a son named Hudson London. He wedded the actress, Christina El Moussa, on December 22nd, December 2018. Lastly, they live in Newport Beach, California, home with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a swimming pool.

Louise Anstead Wiki-bio

There are scanty sources when it comes to Louise Anstead’s biography. For starters, she was born as Nee Herbert in June 1980, making her current age, 39.

No one knows if she kept her ex-husband’s surname or reverted to her birth name. Other than that, good luck figuring out the rest of her wiki-bio. The woman is utterly private about everything.

Name Louise Anstead
Net worth $500,000
Profession Undisclosed
Ex-husband Ant Anstead
Age 39
Birthdate June 1980

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