Jorge Garcia weight loss: Did he Lose Weight?

Jorge Garcia is an actor who is most famous for his stint on the cult phenomenon that was the television show Lost. It ran for an impressive seven years. Jorge has also starred on Alcatraz, the Ridiculous 6 and Hawaii Five-0.

His long-spanning career has seen him pick up a Screen Actors Guild Award. It is no secret that Jorge Garcia has struggled with his weight over the last years. Did he lose weight? Find out right here in this review as we take a look at Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey.

Did Jorge Garcia lose weight?

Jorge Garcia has always had an issue with weight loss. This was as a result of unhealthy eating habits on the actor’s part. During his stint on the show Lost, the showrunners asked him to drop weight. This was because his character was trapped on a deserted island which would suggest that there should be a significant decrease in weight. To that end, Jorge employed the use of fitness coaches.

They got him on a fitness program, which saw him do more sit-ups, jogging, and push-ups. They also got on a new diet that replaced fatty foods with fruits and vegetables. This was the Nooch diet, and it saw him get into the habit of eating meals with high proteins and low carbs. Jorge even went one step further, limiting his alcohol consumption. This led Jorge to lose an initial 30 pounds. After a while, however, the actor grew frustrated with the lack of significant progress and reverted back to his unhealthy eating patterns.

Image of Caption: Actor, Jorge Garcia weight loss before and after
Caption: Actor, Jorge Garcia weight loss before and after

Jorge Garcia’s Weight Loss Journey.

The actor reached a point in his life where he almost weighed 400 pounds. It was a health concern, as his doctors pointed out. It also echoed a possible food addiction. Jorge knew that he had to take action; that he could not keep doing what he had been doing before. He was obese and faced conditions such as diabetes, cardiac problems and even the possibility of a stroke.

To that end, sources say that Jorge underwent gastric bypass surgery to empty his stomach and help him start his weight loss journey. Jorge Garcia also got back to dieting and exercising. This came after he had sought the advice of doctors and nutritionists.

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