Deadliest Catch Cast Jerod Sechrist arrested. Know what happened.

Jerod Sechrist is a former deckhand and television personality. His most notable contribution to television came when he was cast in Discovery’s Deadliest Catch. It is a docu-show that follows the exploit of Alaskan Crab Fishermen. Jerod’s profession is easily one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. At the time, he worked aboard Commander Bill’s ship. Jerod Sechrist has found himself on the wrong side of the law a few times over the last few months. Just recently, the former deckhand was arrested again. So what happened? That’s the question we will look to answer right here.

What happened to Jerod Sechrist on “Deadliest Catch?”

On the 8th of April 2020, news broke that Jerod Sechrist was behind bars. Remarkably, this is his third arrest in less than half a year. Jerod was apprehended by Hillsborough County Sherriff Policemen. The officers took him in, charging him with at least two different counts of grand theft. There were outstanding warrants for him relating to other cases of theft as well.

The first incident occurred after he ran off with his former roommate’s collectibles and pawned them. These included valuable silver coins and an expensive watch. In the second account, Jerod was accused of trying to steal tools valued at around $ 800. Jerod Sechrist from Deadliest Catch was at a home depot when he attempted to walk out of the store with a bucket filled to the brim with tools.

Unluckily for him, a guard spotted him. Jerod dropped the bucket and ran off before he was apprehended. While they were bringing him in, Jerod told the police that he needed help. He could not stop stealing because he had a heroin addiction. Stealing was the only way he knew how to feed this addiction.

Image of Jerod Sechrist has been arrested for grand theft
Caption: Jerod Sechrist has been arrested for grand theft

Previous Incidents.

Just last year, Jerod Sechrist from “Deadliest Catch” was arrested for attempting to steal from an electronic store. While at an IKEA in Ybor City, Jerod filled his cart with different tech devices, valued at over $1000. He then left the store with the cart without paying. When the guards caught up to him outside, they found Jerod tying the cart to his bike before he rode off.

Image of Jerod Sechrist arrested for attempting to steal from an electronic store
Caption: Jerod Sechrist arrested for attempting to steal from an electronic store

The guards were quickly able to catch up with him, though, because of the weight he was dragging behind. When he realized all hope was lost, Jerod from “Deadliest Catch” untied the cart and managed to getaway. Unfortunately for him, this was not the first or even second time he had stolen from IKEA. They had his face from the camera footage available and promptly handed them over to the police.

The Tampa Police department caught up to him on the 20th of November and brought him downtown.  A few months earlier, the same police task force had arrested him for possessing a heroine. It came after his car had been flagged down for reckless driving.

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