Greg Remsburg Death, Net Worth, Wife, Where is he now?

We have always heard of people suffering and taking up to hill from the ground. Yes! We are going to have a look at the life of a person who became the most proficient construction expert who once had a tough time with no food and survival detriment. We are talking about the Gold Rush star, Greg Remsburg. Continue reading to know Greg Remsburg’s net worth and meet his wife.

Who is Greg Remsburg? His career in Gold Rush.

Greg Remsburg is one of the lead star cast of the show, in a gold rush. He is an actor with efficacy to be a part of Gold Rush: Alaska(2010) and Gold Rush: The Dirt(2012). Greg Remsburg from “Gold Rush” is also believed to be a construction expert.

He was born in Sandy, Oregon. It is said that Greg and Todd Hoffman were best buddies since their childhood days.

They used to be a proficient basketball player during their school days. As they grew up, they parted their ways. But soon, Greg joined his friend Todd with gold mining in Alaska.

Image of Greg Remsburg from the TV reality show, Gold Rush
Greg Remsburg from the TV reality show, Gold Rush

The reason behind it is -Greg being poor, not be able to afford a meal, and in frustration, he shook hands with Todd. Although Greg Remsburg’s biggest desire was to become a professional Basketball player. He became a machine operator and a constructor supervisor in gold mining work.

His Death Rumors.

As everyone is aware that gold mining is a serious business. It is a very dangerous job to be performed. And the reason is yet unknown, why Greg Remsburg from “Gold Rush” keeps pacing on and off a gold rush.

He is also a great addict to alcoholism. Some people believe that Greg spends those timing off with his family while some say that it can’t be her family as his wife complains of his absence in their home most of the time.

Greg Remsburg’s Net Worth.

Greg Remsburg’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million, with the salary being offered to him $30,000. Greg has never been constantly at the show, gold rush.

Firstly, he left it in 2013 but was back in 4th season as a cast member of a gold rush. He keeps on pacing here and there. He is very much passionate about Sports and keeps updating the same on his twitter handles.

Image of TV Personality, Greg Remsburg net worth is $30,000
TV Personality, Greg Remsburg net worth is $30,000

Greg Remsburg is Married to wife Sofia.

Greg married a woman named Sofia, who is a housewife as well as a mother to her children. Though Sofia and their children have been beside Greg in his rough time, she still feels annoyed with Greg’s work.

This is because his wife Sofia has this feeling that Greg Remsburg is not able to give quality time to his family. She also complains that her children lack a father’s love while they are growing up.

Greg, too, feels unsatisfied because of his hectic schedule and not able to be with his family more often. But one thing Greg proudly confesses -be what so ever, he always has back of his family who supports him very much.

Where is Greg Remsburg now? Why did he leave Gold Rush?

Greg is now happily a part of the Schnabel’s crew in klondike. He was immediately contacted by Parker Schnabel, where parker intentions were highly on conquering the Yukon, defeating Todd Huffman’s all the three seasons of gold mining with a total of 800 ounces of Gold. Parker realized that there would be no other better man for this job than Greg himself.

And Greg Remsburg also proudly joined Parker because of the high tension between Todd and Greg. Their friendship has reached such a stage where both of the long lost buddies couldn’t even make eye contact with each other.

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