Dr. Travis Stork is Married to new wife Parris Bell after divorce from Dr. Charlotte Brown?    

Dr. Travis Stork is a Colorado native who specializes in medicine. In addition to this, he is also a television personality who has worked on shows like the Bachelor. Dr. Travis is the son of Donna and Roger Stork. He is the author of the book, ‘The Lose Your Belly Diet.’ Travis Stork was once married to another Doctor, Charlotte Brown. Learn a few interesting details about their relationship. We will also take a look at Dr. Charlotte Brown’s biography, and find out if her ex-husband Travis Stork is re-married.

Dr. Travis Stork’s first Marriage with former Wife Dr. Charlotte Brown.

Travis Stork and Charlotte Brown kept most of the early life of their relationship a secret. Because of this, we are not able to pinpoint when their relationship began. We can estimate that it was sometime back in 2010. Both of them were vacationing in Hawaii at the time.

They hit it off and decided to stay in touch. It is not surprising as both of them were doctors, so they had quite a bit in common to begin with. They were both experts in their specific fields, with a clear love of medicine. When they went back to Hawaii again, Travis got down on one knee at the beach, asking the all-important question.

Travis and Charlotte officially tied the knot on June 30th, 2012. The wedding ceremony was held along the hills of Colorado, with families and friends in attendance. It was a low key event. Dr. Travis Stork even made a post that his bachelor days were well behind him. The two stayed married for just under four years before they officially separated. At the time, they did not have any children together. Their divorce was finalized on the 25th of March 2015.

Image of Dr. Travis Stork with his ex-wife Dr.Charlotte Brown
Caption: Dr. Travis Stork with his ex-wife Dr.Charlotte Brown

Why did Dr. Travis Stork and Dr. Charlotte Brown divorce?

Both Travis and Charlotte do not like to talk about the implosion of their marriage. It is safe to assume that it ended on amicable terms, as none of them took to social media to bash each other. No official reason was given as to why they decided to cut their marriage short, so again, we can only speculate.

Both of them are doctors; it immediately tells us that they spend most of their time at work. Doctors have some of the most intense working hours known to man. So Travis and his wife Charlotte might have simply fallen out of touch with each other.

Dr. Travis Stork is Now Married to New Wife Parris Bell.

Dr. Travis Stork’s new wife is a woman named Parris Morgan Bell. She is a 28-year-old Nashville native who works as a lawyer. Parris was born in 1992 in Tennessee. Not much is known about her childhood. We found that she enrolled at Vanderbilt University’s School of Law back in August 2014. She later graduated with a degree in law, and then took her bar exams. Only then was Parris Morgan allowed to work as a lawyer.

Image of Dr. Travis Stork with his wife Parris Stork
Caption: Dr. Travis Stork with his wife, Parris Stork

Parris has a mutual friend to thank for the introduction to her future husband. Dr. Chris Strandburg set Parris up with Travis back in 2016 during one of their group hang out sessions. The chemistry between the two was there for everyone to see.

Travis later said that he knew that they were destined to be together when Parris Bell Stork fell in love with his dog, Nala. After dating for three years, Dr. Travis Stork and Parris finally walked down the aisle. Their wedding took place on August 3rd, 2019, in front of a handful of friends and family. Less than a year later and the happy couple announced that Dr. Travis Stork and wife Parris Bell Stork are expecting their first child soon.

Image of Dr.Travis Stork expecting his first child with wife Paris in June 2020
Caption: Dr.Travis Stork expecting his first child with wife Paris in June 2020

His ex-wife Dr. Charlotte Brown’s Wiki Biography and facts.

Dr. Charlotte Morrigan Brown was born back in 1972 in Nashville, Tennessee. At the point of writing, Charlotte is 48 years old. While there was not a lot of information regarding her childhood, we dug up quite a bit in regards to her educational background. She is a former student at Vanderbilt University, where she studied at the Medical Center. The institution laid the foundation for her medical career.

Image of Pediatrician, Dr. Charlotte Brown
Caption: Pediatrician, Dr. Charlotte Brown

It is no surprise as the center is known for its partnership with multiple medical institutions and hospitals. Dr. Charlotte Brown specializes in pediatric medicine and is presently an expert in the field. Charlotte’s claim to fame was her brief marriage to television personality, Travis Stork.

The two were only together for three years before they separated. Since then, Dr. Charlotte Brown has fallen off the radar. Before she did, however, sources estimated that Charlotte Brown’s net worth stood at $350,000.

It has undoubtedly gone up since then, especially after her divorce from Travis. Her ex-husband is very wealthy, and by the settlement agreement, he gave some of this money to Charlotte.


Full name Dr. Charlotte Morrigan Brown
Age 48 years old.
Date of Birth 1972
Place of Birth Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
Profession Pediatrician
Net worth $350,000
Partner Dr. Travis Stork (ex-husband)
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Parents Unknown

Dr. Travis Stork’s Net Worth.

Travis Stork is the main headlining act of the reality series, ‘The Doctors.’ He had appeared in over 1,500 episodes since the show’s premiere back in 2008.

Sources say that Dr. Travis Stork earned an average of $ 67,000 for his appearance of the show. He went on to feature on a few other reality shows after this. Lest we forget, Travis also picks up decent royalty bonuses for the book he authored. Lastly, we uncovered that Dr. Travis Stork is one of the most reputable medical professionals in Nashville.

It is estimated that the average doctor earns around $150K. Travis definitely falls under the high end of the spectrum. Presently, Dr. Travis Stork’s net worth is $12 million.

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