What happened to Dr. Erin on “Dr. Pol”?

Dr. Erin is a relatively newcomer in the world of veterinary medicine. Just a few years ago, she was still learning the ropes under the guidance of more experienced doctors, honing her skills in the process. At the time, Erin was a member of staff at Dr. Jan Pol’s veterinary clinic in Michigan.

It gave Dr. Erin the chance to venture into reality television as well as featured on one episode of the National Geographic Show. So what happened to Dr. Erin on The Dr. Pol Show after that? Find out right here in this article as we examine the vet’s bio.

Who is Dr. Erin?

Dr. Erin is a vet who burst on to the limelight after featuring on Nat Geo’s popular show, The Incredible Dr. Pol. This came after she got a job at Pol Veterinary Services, working for Dr. Jan at the clinic in 2017.

The show’s very first episode can be dated back to 2011, more specifically on the 29th of October. So far, it has sixteen seasons under its belt.

Despite having 173 episodes under its belt, Dr. Erin only featured in one episode on the show. This was back in 2017 in the episode titled ‘Beginner’s Yuck.’

Image of Dr. Erin from the Nat Geo’s popular show, The Incredible Dr. Pol
Dr. Erin from the Nat Geo’s popular show, The Incredible Dr. Pol

In the episode, we find Erin under the guidance of the more experienced Dr. Emily. We can tell that she is still in vet school in the episode and working as an intern at the time for the Pols. She follows Dr. Emily into a stable to learn the appropriate method and frequency of cleaning horses. By the end of the particular episode, Dr. Erin from “Dr. Pol” picks up a new skill.

Image of Dr. Emily taking newbie Dr. Erin out for some hands- on training
Dr. Emily taking newbie Dr. Erin out for some hands-on training

Her apprenticeship at Dr. Jan’s clinic gave Dr. Erin the chance to work with other veterinary experts like Dr. Nicole Arcy, Dr. Brenda Grettenberger, and Dr. Ray Harp.

What happened to Dr.Erin on Dr. Pol?

This is a question that has been on the lips of many fans of the reality television show, Dr. Pol. The budding vet only featured on a single episode while on her internship at the clinic.

She was still finding her way in the field of veterinary medicine at the time. After Erin’s stint at the clinic, however, it remains unclear where Dr. Erin went on to work.

Several people thought that Dr. Erin on Incredible Dr. Pol would be the one to replace the very experienced Dr. Emily after it was announced that she was leaving the show. This might be down to the fact that Erin worked very closely with Dr. Emily during her time at the clinic.

In all likelihood, she is currently attached to a different medical facility and working as a practicing vet. We will keep you updated should any more new information surface.

Dr. Erin Wiki, bio.

Full name Dr. Erin
Age Mid 20s
Date of Birth 1990s
Place of Birth Michigan, USA.
Profession Veterinary doctor, Television Personality
Net worth Under review
Partner Under review
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian.
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents Unknown.

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