Chris Doumitt Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Cancer, Net Worth, Wife.

The personality, we are going to talk about today is very famous for his appearance with the cigar and a wide smile. He is also known to be a hardworking member of the crew. Yes! We are talking about Chris Doumitt. Read this to know Chirs Doumitt Wikipedia type biography including his net worth, and wife.

Chris Doumitt Wikipedia, Bio.

Chris was born in Portland, OR. He is Christian by nationality. His height is 5.10 feet/ 8.10 m while the weight is 78kg. Currently, he is 60years old. He is believed to be the descendant of Arab by some specialists.

Chris Doumitt used to work for Hoffman Crew previously and later on shifted to Parker Crew at Scribner creek in its 4th season.

He joined the Hoffman team while he was working for their cabin. And there he gained his popularity when his mining skills got highly appreciated.

Image of Chris Doumitt from the TV show, Gold Rush
Chris Doumitt from the TV show, Gold Rush

Before getting involved with gold mining, he used to work as a carpenter and came to Alaska just for 10days. No matter either he is loading the washplant or cleaning up the gold haul at the creek, he always wears a smile on his face.

Due to his super performance and great mining skills, he is one of the most reliable members of the crew. His whole childhood was gone in farming. He is also a rifle shooter at his leisure times. He used to train people with gun shootings and firearms safety.

Chris Doumitt also shares a cohesive bond with Rick Ness, Todd Hoffman, and Jim Thurber. It is unbelievable that Chris learned so much about mining just in 5months living with Hoffman crew. He says that when he is working at the gold mine, he feels as if he is opening a Christmas gift.

Chris Doumitt Net Worth.

It is believed that he has earned so much wealth and fame by his hard work and intelligence in the show, Gold Rush. Though his mining activities have got him to a higher level, it is also said that he had started up another venture.

Image of TV Personality, Chris Doumitt net worth is $400,000
TV Personality, Chris Doumitt net worth is $400,000

Yes! And it is selling of cigar under the brand “Doumitt Cigar”. The reason behind this venture is that Chris’s fans were very curious to know how the cigar tasted between his teeth.

Chris Doumitt net worth is $400,000.

Chris Doumitt’s Cancer and Surgery.

Due to some back problems in his body, Chris had to go through a tough surgery. He was off-air in the entire 7th season of the series, gold rush.

He also went through some losses because of his truck being stolen along with his passport, credit cards, etc. And meant while the rumour spread that Chris Doumitt is no more. But it is a sheer lie as he is fit and fine now, living calmly with his wife and children.

Chris Doumitt’s Wife and Married Life.

Chris Doumitt married wife Sharon Doumitt who was also suffering from two forms of cancer during the 7th season of the show. That was the dark time for the family as they went through emotional stress. She went down with the treatment throughout July 2017.

Chris Doumitt and wife Sharon Doumitt held each other strongly during those traumatic days. After her successful treatment, Chris updated about her well being to his fans on social media.

The duo has two children. It’s almost been 45years of this lovely couple being together.

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