Charlie Jagow’s Parents Still Alive? Know More about Charlie Jagow’s Net Worth, Age, and Death Rumors.

Charlie Jagow is a  star on the reality series The Last Alaskans. The Last Alaskans is an American reality TV series that follows the day to day lives of families and trappers living in the Arctic National Wildlife Refugee in Alaska.

The series ‘The Last Alaskan’ first premiered on Animal Planet on the 25 of May 2015. During its second season that premiered on the 12 of April 2016, it moved to Discovery Channel.

Charlie Jagow’s  Age.

Charlie is a very young man. Having been born in 1998, he is only 20 years old.

Charlie is not an only child. He has an elder sister who goes by the name of Joanna. Ever since she was young, Joanna loved racing dogs. Unfortunately for her, her family only had trap dogs that did not have any experience in racing.

Image of Charlie Jagow's sister Joanna
Charlie Jagow’s sister Joanna

However, Joanna worked hard and acquired a team of dogs that she took to races at two rivers mushers association. She got first class racing and was very happy with it. She is now targeting running in 1000 miles race soon.

Apart from racing dogs, Joanna has a nursing degree from UAF. She is currently working at Fairbanks memorial hospital as a pediatric nurse.

Are Charlie Jagow’s Parents Dead?

There have been rumors that Last Alaskans star Charlie Jagow’s parents are dead. However, that is not true as the star’s parents are both still alive and healthy.

His father, Paul Jagow, was born in 1947 and is 71 years old. Initially, he resided in Carmel before moving to New York City and later on to Fairbanks where he settled permanently.

The old man who has earned several nicknames such as Paul Malcolm and Paul Mjagow is both a Caucasian and a Christian.

Paul’s mother is Dawn Jagow. Before moving to Fairbanks, she used to live in Pelham. The couple first met in Alaska.

Yes, both of Charlie Jagow’s parents are alive and kicking.

Is Charlie Jagow from ‘The Last Alaskans’  Dead Or Is It Rumors?

There have been rumors doing rounds that the Discovery Channel’s reality show star Charlie Jagow is dead. The rumors were false since Charlie is still alive and very healthy. May God grant him many more years.

Image of Charlie Jagow's still alive and healthy
Charlie Jagow’s still alive and healthy

Charlie Jagow’s Net worth.

The young star who stars in the Discovery Channel’s reality series is just starting in his TV and hunting career. The show that first appeared on the animal planet shows the dangerous and challenging conditions that people living in Alaska home have to go through to survive.

Charlie Jagow’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 100,000, which is not bad for a young man starting on his career.

Image of The Last Alaskan cast Charlie Jagow's net worth is $100,000
The Last Alaskan cast Charlie Jagow’s net worth is $100,000

His father Paul Jagow’s net worth is estimated to be around $100,000-149,000.

Charlie Jagow’s Wiki- Bio

The 20 years old star was born and raised in a rustic cabin that belonged to his parents. His interest in wildlife was aroused in Arctic National Refugee’s Eastern edge where he grew up. He spent most of his adolescent time in bushes where he was in charge of traps and a dog team. It is said that he is building his cabin up from the ground.

Charlie Jagow from ‘The Last Alaskans’ is the youngest star on the entire show. He is also the youngest ANWR holder. He has always been open about the struggles he goes through in the cold temperatures as he goes about his duties.  The young star from ‘The Last Alaskan’ confirmed that he sometimes gets scared; it is not as easy as it seems. However, that doesn’t deter him from embracing the lifestyle of the woods as he is doing it enthusiastically.

He gained most of his experience while he was working as an assistant guide in Falls and Spring. He worked under the best guides that the Falls had, no wonder he gained the best experience.

Image of Charlie Jagow's from The Last Alaskans show
Charlie Jagow’s from The Last Alaskans show

Charlie Jagow, later on, got his outfitters license and bought an exclusive Federal concession from his former employer. He also mentored Sammy Jamison.

Whenever he has guests, Charlie Jagow ensures that they get the best trapping success. He achieves this by ensuring that he checks all the previous lines that he had laid. He does that on every other trip he makes. Even when he is setting new lines, he still checks the previous ones.

Charlie’s interests lie in the Wolves and the lynx that is what he traps. He prefers wolves because they produce the best fur used in Mittens and parkers, though sometimes he also goes for other furbearers such as Wolverine, otter, and beaver. For each animal they trap during the week, his guests take far from them.

The Last Alaskans star Charlie Jagow is not only a hunter, but he is also a pilot. He owns a plane which he pilots himself. However, it is risky since he uses gravel bar as his landing strip yet it can easily be swept away and become a river bottom because the weather can change and become deadly without warning.

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