Bryan and Sarah Baeumler’s Net Worth 2021.

As established TV shows hosts and the CEO of Baeumler Quality construction, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler must have accumulated decent net worth. Bryan has become a thought leader and a go-to person when it comes to DIY constructions. Previously he featured in shows like ‘House of Bryan’ and ‘Disaster DIY.’ So, many fans are curious what is Bryan and Sarah Baeumler’s net worth?

In this article, we talk about the couple’s income sources, career, and net worth in detail.

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler’s net worth

In 2021, Bryan and Sarah’s net worth is above $20 million. Thanks to the duo’s entrepreneurial mindset and hardworking spirit, they have been able to rack up a decent wealth.

Moreover, the couple loves new money-making challenges and opportunities. Recently, they bought a property in the islands of the West Atlantic Ocean.

They took charge of Caerula Mar Club in the Bahamas for $2 million with the objective of renovating it and opening it up for guests. In the show ‘Renovation Island,’ we can see the couple’s journey as they demolish, build, and decorate the property. Furthermore, their four children accompany them in this renovation journey.

According to the reports, Bryan and Sarah have invested more than $10 million to renovate the luxury hotel. The 10-acre property also suffered a termite infestation in the past.

Moreover, Hurricane Dorian in 2019 narrowly missed the South Andros Island, which might have caused massive loss for the Baeumler couple. Despite all the challenges and expenditures, Bryan and Sarah believe that the property will give them profitable returns in the long run.

Bryan with his wife, Sarah
TV shows hosts, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler

Bryan’s Career Details and Past experience

Bryan practiced constructions from an early age as he grew up around tools. His father was an Airplane parts mechanic, and he taught him many things related to construction. At just the age of 14, he partnered with some friends to start the company ‘Moon River Handymen.’

Furthermore, after graduating from Western University, he launched an air cargo business in 1996. Bryan met Sarah while at college in 2001 and married the lady in 2004. He was heavily into home contracting and flipping back then.

As a result, he finally founded Baeumler Quality Construction Inc., which has been among his most successful venture so far. Clearly, his ability to come up with new ideas and put effort in what he does is impressive. Bryan Baeumler’s net worth stems from his career as a TV host and his entrepreneurial startups.

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