Black Ink Crew Net Worth 2019, Salary Per Episodes, And Real Name.

Black Ink Crew is among The top-rated American reality TV series. The show that premiered on October 26, 2015, is aired on VHI channel. It focuses on daily operations and drama at an African-American owned and operated tattoo shop.  The shop is located in Harlem, New York.

Back Ink Crew Cast Net Worth, Salary.

Each season comes with a different plot line. All the characters contribute differently in making the show what it is. Some of the cast of Black Ink include; Ceaser, Sky, Melody, Alex, Puma Sassy e.t.c

Ceaser From Black Ink Crew, Net Worth, Real Name.

He is a visionary entrepreneur and a philanthropist; there is no wonder he is the owner and founder of the tattoo shop that is based in Harlem, New York. He stars in the show alongside sassy. Ceaser is the brain behind Black Ink; without him, there would be no show to watch.

Ceaser’s real name is, David Emmanuel, he was born on the 5th June 1978. David Emmanuel is 40 years old. Being the owner of the first famous black-owned tattoo parlor, David Emmanuel (Ceaser From Black Ink Crew) has accumulated a net worth of $2.2 million.

Image of Black Ink Crew cast David Emmanuel net worth is $2.2 million
Black Ink Crew cast David Emmanuel net worth is $2.2 million

The father of one is said to have been romantically involved with fellow cast Dutchess  Latimore and Karlie Redd. His daughter’s name is Cheyenne.

His Instagram Profile.

Sky From Black Ink Crew, Net Worth, Real Name.

Sky is the Black Inks receptionist, she is good at her work but also very loud and dramatic, she is the one who always starts drama. Although she prefers to be called “Jakeita Days,” Her real name is Joe Keita. Having been born on 19 September 1983, Joe Keita (Sky from “Black Ink Crew”) is 35 years old.

Sky from “Black Ink Crew” is the Fourth richest member of the cast. She earns $7,000 from each episode. With 13 episodes per season, she makes $91,000 each season. Joe Keita’s net worth is $4 million.

Image of Black Ink Crew cast Joe Keita's net worth is $4 million
Black Ink Crew cast Joe Keita’s net worth is $4 million

Before becoming famous and financially stable, Joe Keita had a rough life in her teenage age. She got pregnant when she was fourteen years old. Her two sons are not living with her because she gave them up for adoption.

Donna From Black Ink Crew, Net Worth, Real Name.

When she first appeared on Black Ink Crew, she was a recurring act. Her talent and dedication earned her a main cast role towards the end of season three.

Donna’s real name is Taylor Monot Pinkey. She was born on 20th September 1992. Taylor Pinkey Monot is 26 years old.

Not only does Donna work in Black Ink Crew, but she is also a body piercer and a prominent tattoo artist. Taylor Pinkey Monot’s net worth is $ 2 million.

Image of Black Ink Crew cast Donna net worth is $2 million
Black Ink Crew cast Donna net worth is $2 million

Donna is not an only child; she has a twin sister called Britney. Britney is a nurse by profession; she is married and a mother of two. Taylor Pinkey got married to Maxwell in 2016, but they later broke up. She is currently seeing a new guy.

Teddy From Black Ink Crew, Net Worth, Real Name.

Teddy is Ceasor’s cousin who used to hustle with his homies on the streets. He decided to quit hustling and join the black ink cast after witnessing his cousin succeed in the tattoo business.

Teddy’s real name is Teddy Ruks. He was born on January 26, I983. Teddy Ruks is 36 years old. Just like Donna, Teddy also started as a recurring act and scooped a major role act by the end of season three.

Apart from being a cast member in black ink, Teddy is also the assistant manager for his cousin Ceaser David. Teddy Ruk’s net worth is $ 350, 000.

Image of Black Ink Crew cast Teddy Ruk's net worth is $350,000
Black Ink Crew cast Teddy Ruk’s net worth is $350,000

After joining the cast, Teddy got romantically involved with Sky from “Black Ink Crew.” Although Ted, as he is popularly known, once had three women Ashley, India, and Sky fighting over him, he is not dating any of them. Currently, he is seeing an Indian lady.

Walt From Black Ink Crew, Net Worth, Real Name.

Walt was born in Harlem, New York n November 23, 1981. His real name is Walter Miller.  The 37-year-old did not have an easy life as he grew up on the streets fending for himself. He finally got a breakthrough in life when he was made Ceaser’s assistant manager. Ceaser David offered him the position ever since he set up the shop.

Walter Miller was not up to the task as he was fired for doing his work wrongly. Teddy was the beneficiary as he is the one who was handed that position. Later on, during season six, Ceaser offered him a position as one of the main cast members.

Apart from his role as a cast member where he earns $7,000 per episode, the father of three also works as a professional photographer. Walter Miller’s net worth is $50, 000

Image of Black Ink Crew cast Walter Miller's net worth is $50,000
Black Ink Crew cast Walter Miller’s net worth is $50,000

Melody From Black Ink Crew, Net Worth, Real Name.

Melody was born on July 7, 1988, in Tampa, Florida. Her real name is Mitchell Melody.  Mitchell Melody is 30 years old.

Mitchell is always known as a dreamer of the show; she never runs out of unique ideas. She still dreams of breaking out from the black ink show to start her tattoo shop.

Being a cast member was a blessing to her as it brought her closer to her sweetheart Lalo Yunda, together, they have a son named Kai. Kai was born during the first season of the show.

Mitchell Melody’s net worth is $90,000

Young Bae From Black Ink Crew, Net Worth, Real Name.

Young  Bae joined Black Ink Crew in season five and started as a recurring act but got the main role in season six.  Bae is A South Korean native who was raised by a poor and abusive father. In 2007, she decided to escape from her abusive father, and that’s why she came to the USA.

Young  Bae is not just her stage name; It is also her real name. She was born on February 25, 1984. Young Bae is 35 years old. The Chugye University graduate opened her tattoo shop named diamond tattoo on 4th street in Times Square in 2009.

Young earns a salary of $1,500 per episode from her role in the TV series. Young  Bae’s net worth is $200,000. The 35-year-old black ink crew member is a mother of one.

Dutchess Lattimore From Black Ink Crew, Net Worth, Real Name.

Dutchess Lattimore was born on February 26, 1984, in Lincolnton North Carolina, she moved to New York in 2010. Her real name is Cristana Lattimore. Cristana Lattimore is  35 years old. She holds a degree in business management.

Before joining the black ink crew, Where she is the source of all drama, Dutchess Lattimore used to work as a runway model. Being the main crew member and a tattoo artiste, Crystiana Lattimore’s net worth is $800,000.

Dutchess had a messy breakup with her ex-lover Zach Sanchez to the extent they threw shade at each other on Instagram. She is currently single.

Puma From Black Ink Crew, Net Worth, Real Name.

Puma is Ceaser’s old friend and started as a leading cast member of the Black Ink crew. Although he took a break after the fourth season to venture into other things, he still makes guest appearances close to his wife, Shaquanna Robinson.

Puma was born on February 13, 1982, in New York, his real name is Paul Robinson. Paul Robinson is 37 years old. Before joining his old buddy Ceaser to work with him in the Black Ink Crew, Paul was working as Public relations manager at Art 2 Ink tattoo studio.

Paul Robinson’s net worth is $ 150,000.

O’shit Duncan From Black Ink Crew, Net Worth, Real Name.

O’shit Duncan was a tattoo artist and the main crew member for  Black Ink Crew shop before quitting. His real name is Richard Duncan. Richard Duncan is 33 years old.  O’shit, whose name is often censored as O**t, was born in South Carolina.

Richard lives in Atlanta with his blended family. Together with his wife Nikki, they are parenting five kids. Richard and Nikki have a daughter named Nova Rae Rose. Nikki has a son from her previous relationship. On the hand, Richard Robinson has three daughters from his earlier relationships from three baby mamas, that brings the number of their children to 5.

Richard Robinson’s net worth is $350,000.

Alex Esteves From Black Ink Crew, Net Worth, Real Name.

Alex Esteves only appeared in the first two seasons of Black Ink Crew; she was a receptionist. Her exit was so dramatic that she even sued the production with a one million dollar suit. She said that they had edited the cast to make her look flirty. She claimed to have been drugged during one of the episodes where she got so flirtatious with the shop’s owner Ceaser.

Her lawsuit hit a dead end; she was forced to drop it as no one was picking her calls. Since her celebrity status ended when she left the show, it is hard to determine her net worth or even her relationship status.

Sassy name is Alexandra Esteves. Alexandra Esteves is 33years old.

Sassy started as the main act in black ink crew during its first three seasons but made recurring appearances during the fourth season before quitting in the fifth season.

Sassy’s real name is Ashley Nicole Bermundez; she was born on October 18, 1990. Ashley Nicole is 28 years old.

Ashley Nicole is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community member. She first came out publicly as a lesbian when she accidentally bumped into her ex Tanyelle. During her time on the show, she was said to have had a thing with Didi. Currently, there is no idea of who she is dating.

Ashley Nicole is currently working as a model; she has been featured on several magazines covers. Ashley Nicole’s net worth is not known.

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