Amanda Holmes (Mike Holmes Older Daughter) Wiki, Biography, Facts

Mike Holmes is a famous Canadian residential home improvement contractor on HGTV. He has starred in several home-featured shows such as Holmes on Homes, Holmes in Orleans, Home Free, and more.

Throughout his career, Mike also managed to incorporate two of his children, Sherry and Mike Jr., into home improvement. However, did you know he has another daughter named Amanda, who is opposed to stardom? Here are five interesting facts about Mike Holmes’s daughter, Amanda Holmes, including her wiki-bio.

  • Amanda Holmes is the oldest of the three siblings.

Of all, Mike’s three children, Amanda Holmes, is his eldest daughter. She was born in the year 1984 to Mike and his ex-wife, Alexandria Lorex. The couple got hitched when the HGTV star was still a teenager at the age of 19 back in 1982.

Five years later, their second-born, Sherry, came into the world on June 21st, 1987. Two years later, the two sisters were joined with their younger brother, Mike Holmes Jr., on July 25th, 1989. Mike Holmes’ first born Amanda is currently 35 years of age, followed by Sherry at 32 and Mike Jr. at 30 years old.

  • Amanda Holmes was married twice and divorced once.

Though she doesn’t like to air out her dirty laundry on public television, Amanda Holmes has had her fair share of failed romance.

Initially, she married a guy named Adam Belanger, who worked as part of the crew on Holmes on Homes and Holmes in New Orleans. You can check out their wedding ceremonial video here.

Image of Amanda Holmes and her father Mike Holmes
Amanda Holmes and her father, Mike Holmes

Adam worked as an expert in heavy machinery and also in landscaping. Everyone approved of his work on set from the show’s fifth season onwards.

While it’s not clear as to what lacked in their marriage, the couple parted ways for good. Mike Holmes’ daughter, has since then found love again and married for the second time. However, information on her current husband and their married life remains unknown.

  • Mike Holmes daughter Amanda Holmes is the mother of two kids and also an auntie.

According to some wiki leaks, Amanda Holmes is the mother of two babies. However, it’s still unclear who the father of her children her. Whether it’s her current mysterious husband, or her former ex, Adam, only she knows.

Nonetheless, she is also the auntie to her sister’s newly born daughter, Cali Kay Holmes. Sherry announced her engagement to Blake Steed, one of her father’s crewmen back in 2017. The couple later wedded on December 18th, 2018, and one year later welcomed their daughter Cali on April 22nd, 2019.

On that same note, Amanda Holmes also calls her brother’s wife named Lisa Grant, her sister in law. They had their wedding back in August 2017 but don’t have kids yet.

  • Amanda Holmes is into charity and fitness.

Mike Holmes’s eldest daughter received her Crohn’s disease diagnosis during her teenage years. Since then, she has managed to live with it and raise awareness of the illness.

Together with her father, the pair often take part in the annual M&M Meat Shops Charity BBQ Day, which in turn raises funds for CCFC. Part of how she manages her illness is through a strict work-out regime.

  • Amanda isn’t active on social media.

Unlike her other siblings, Amanda Holmes isn’t active on social media. Her sister, Sherry, often uploads pictures of her on her Instagram just to bug her.

firstbornThough she is very private about her life, Holmes often involves herself with the family business as a behind the scenes member of the production crew. It’s where she met Adam in the first place.

Image of Amanda Holmes with her siblings (Sherry Holmes and Mike Holmes Jr.)
Amanda Holmes with her siblings (Sherry Holmes and Mike Holmes Jr.)

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