Vernon Adkison Wiki, Bio, Daughter Yvonne Adkison.

Vernon Adkison is a gold miner, reality television personality and the captain and owner of the Wild Ranger. He became a bankable star after featuring on the show Bering Sea Gold.

Sealife is something that has always called to him. Vernon has bought several dredges in an attempt to strike gold. He has experienced both highs and lows in the field of gold mining. Learn more about the Bering Sea Gold star, Vernon Adkison. Know more about his daughter Yvonne Adkison, and what the man is up to at the moment.

Who is Bering Sea Gold, Wild Ranger Vernon Adkison?

Vernon is an American sea captain who has dedicated his life to searching for gold.  This has seen him feature on the Discovery Channel’s Bering Sea Gold. The show first debuted back on January 27th, 2012. So far, the makers of the series have produced 11 seasons, with 106 episodes in the process. The most recent episode dropped just last week, showing that the show is still going strong.

It has seen Vernon Adkison work with the likes of Emily Riedel, Zeke Tenhoff, Cody Moen, and Shawn Pomrenke.

Vernon and the rest of the cast are directed by John Gray. The reality shows follow a group of different dredgers as they set out to sea in search of gold. In some instances, they even find precious ore.

Image of Vernon Adkison from the TV show, Bering Sea Gold
Vernon Adkison from the TV show, Bering Sea Gold

Before he set out on the Wild Ranger in search of gold, Vernon was the captain of the vessel VLCC for over two decades. It saw him travel across Valdez, Alaska before he switched to Central Alaska. Eventually, he would buy his first dredge and begin his gold mining exploits.

After he bought the Wild Ranger and set out to sea, he improved his output as he acquired more dredges. Vernon Adkison fully believes in putting all your effort into a particular task. Only 100% is sufficient when it comes to his work. It is a policy he shares with his crew as well.

Vernon Adkison Net worth?

Vernon Adkison is a gold miner and reality television star. He features on the show Bering Sea gold, which earns him quite significant income.

Besides the two, he also works as a sea captain. His salary reportedly stands at $500K per year according to sources. As such, Vernon Adkison’s net worth stands at $2 million at the moment. If this figure should change, we will keep you posted on all the latest developments.

Vernon Adkison’s Daughter Yvonne Adkison.

The gold miner Vernon Adkison has a daughter named Yvonne Adkison. She is 27 years old at the moment, meaning that she was born back in 1992. Just like her father, Yvonne has taken to life at sea. She regularly worked on her father’s boat and joined the gold mining business out at sea.

Fans will remember her for making a few appearances on the fourth season of Bering Sea Gold. While she was not as popularly as her father, she still left a notable impression on the show. However, Vernon Adkison’s daughter, Yvonne Adkison’s life has not been short of controversy.

Image of Vernon Adkison and her daughter Yvonne Adkison.
Vernon Adkison and her daughter Yvonne Adkison.

At just 22, Vernon Adkison daughter Yvonne Adkison faced incarceration after it came to light that she was involved in a drug-related scheme. This earned her a two-year prison sentence.

At the moment, she is trying to get her life back in order after completing her sentence. Only time will tell if she will be able to go back to life at sea again. Yvonne Adkison also has a sister named Elaine. We were not able to learn a lot regarding her sister Elaine as she lives a relatively private life.

Vernon Adkison bio.

Full name Vernon Adkison.
Age 72 years old.
Date of Birth 4th June 1947.
Place of Birth  Alaska, USA.
Profession Gold miner, Captain of the Wild Ranger, Reality television Personality
Net worth $2 million.
Wife Mary Brocato
Kids 2
Nationality American.
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Parents Unknown.

 Vernon Adkison is a 72-year-old ship captain. It is reported that he celebrates his birthday every year on the 4th of June. He comes from Alaska, where he did most of the seafaring business.

While most of his early childhood and background remains a mystery, we were able to learn where he went to school. Vernon was a former student at Laney College in Oakland, California. He also had a stint at the University of South Carolina.

When Vernon Adkison was in his 30s, he met and married his wife, Mary Brocato. As far as we can tell, the gold miner only has two daughters. These are Yvonne and Elaine Adkison. We are not sure if he has any other children besides the two. If any other information turns up, check back here for updates.

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