Swamp People Willie Edwards Dead or Alive? Know about His Net Worth, Wife, Age, and Wiki-Bio.

Willie Edwards, birth named; William Edwards is a cast of the Swamp People; a reality show ran by History Channel. The show’s first season was set in Atchafalaya River Basin, before reaching out to hunters originating from the swamplands of Louisiana and Texas. This Article will tell you about Swamp People Cast Willie Edwards Death, his net worth, and wife.

Willie Edwards was born in Louisiana, United States Of America. His parents are Junior Edwards and Theresa Edwards. His father Junior Edwards was a professional gator hunter too and taught him the skills.

Willie Edwards first featured in the show in the August of 2010 alongside his father. The duo would go along to the 6th season when Willies father Junior Edwards got dismissed alongside another cast, Liz Cavalier.

Willie Edwards Net Worth.

Despite Junior Edwards departure from the show, he still runs a Facebook group with his son Willie. In the page, they share pictures of their family activities. On the Facebook page, is also an event-appearance service offered by the fashionable gator hunting family.

Image of Swamp People cast Willie Edwards net worth is $500,000
Swamp People cast Willie Edwards net worth is $500,000

Willie Edwards has a net worth of $500,000, an amount he acquired mostly from casting in the Swamp People. His other economic activities include fishing crabfish and hunting wild boars during gator hunting offseason.

Image of Willie Edwards from tv show, Swamp People
Willie Edwards from tv show, Swamp People

Willie Edwards in his childhood playtime collided with an icebox and broke his front tooth while playing Bird Box Challenge (a blindfold game) with his sister. He didn’t seek dental services and thought he would live with the broken tooth for the rest of his life.

An office assistant of Robinson Dental Group of dentists saw Willie’s gaped tooth when he was smiling on TV. The office assistant reached out to Edwards to offer him free dental treatment. The fix restored Willie’s perfect smile.

What Happened To Willie Edwards on Swamp People? Is He Dead?

At some point, Willie Edwards was rumored to be dead. The rumor later turned out to be because of mistaken identity. The deceased Willie Edwards Jr was a Black American killed by KKK clan for allegedly sleeping with a white woman. The date of the murder, 23rd January 1957 proved that it couldn’t be Willie Edwards of Swamp People.

Image of Willie Edwards still alive
Willie Edwards still alive

His Married Life with Wife Sherrie Edwards.

Willie Edwards is married to Sherrie Edwards.  When and where they met as well as the date of their wedding is a family’s closely guarded secret. The couple got blessed with a girl, Michaela and two boys, William IV and Landon.

Image of Willie Edwards wife Sherrie Edwards
Willie Edwards wife Sherrie Edwards

Willie Edwards is close to the family and occasionally posts pictures of the family on a social media platform. One of the photographs taken was of Willie in a swamp with his sons. It’s speculated that he was teaching the lads how to hunt.

Willie Edwards and his family currently live in Bayou Sorrel, Lousiana. He has an exciting story that you can’t help following and listening. Not many people can manage to live how his family has lived for decades.

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