“Life Below Zero” Cast Net Worth, Salary Per Episode 2021 Updated.

Life Below Zero is a documental series. It is produced by the BBC worldwide and airs on National Geographic Channel. This show generally highlights the life of those hunters who resides in remote areas of Alaska. Its first show was aired on the 13th of May 2013 and is continuing since then. Read this to know Life Below Zero cast salary per episode.

It mainly focuses on those hunter’s way of leading their life in those wilder and deeper Alaska in winters. One can also watch the show streaming online on National Geographic Channel.

Life Below Zero is one of the main entertainment show which has gained all the audience attention towards it. It was also nominated for a prime time Emmy Awards. It’s the most engaging documental series and can be watched by all age groups.

Talking about the Casts of the show, they must be working hard to survive the wilderness and harsh side of Alaska while exploring it deeper. And Life Below Zero Cast Salary per episode is $4,500.

Have you ever wondered how much these people would be making per episode? How much net worth, they would be collecting for this documental series? No doubt it’s one of the famous series on National Geographic Channel with lots of TRP. Know Life Below Zero Cast Salary and Net Worth.

Sue Aikens Salary Per Episode, Net Worth.

Sue Aikens is one of the lead members of the show, ‘Life Below Zero.’ This television star was born on the 1st of July 1963 in Mount Prospect, Illinois, United States.

She is the descendant of Scotland and belongs to Caucasian ethnicity. Her parents got separated when she was just 12.

And the situation around her smeared her hands with guns and bullets instead of dolls. Once she was attacked by a grizzly bear and was in deadly state but alas survived.

As per the sources, Sue has been married thrice, but none of her relationships worked out. She is the mother of two grown-up and married children.

And also she loves sending and receiving gifts to her grandchildren from Alaska. Besides all of this, she runs a Kaviv river camp and also provides her customers with necessities and foods. She makes $200,000 yearly for her appearance in the show. Sue Aikens net worth of $500,000. Sue Aiken’s Salary per episode is $4,500.

Image of Life Below Zero cast Sue Aikens net worth is $500,000
Life Below Zero cast Sue Aikens net worth is $500,000

Agnes Hailstone Net Worth, Salary.

Agnes was born on the 14th of June 1972 in Noorvik, Alaska. She is the wife of Chip Hailstone who is also the cast member of the series, Life Below Zero.

Agnes has been married twice. She shares five daughters with her husband, Chip, and one son from her previous marriage.

There is no much information disclosed about Agnes as she is a very secretive person. She belongs to Caucasian ethnicity. Besides all this, she is also a tattoo lover and has got one marked on her chin. She is the descendant of Inupiaq tribes who are known to have lived for a thousand years.

She is an expert in handicrafts and cultural events. And Agnes can also procure oils from body fats and tan animals. She has grown up in Alaska, learning hunting and fishing, etc. She is one of the most encouraging and hardworking people on the sets of ‘Life Below Zero. Agnes Hailstone’s net worth is $100,000 and receives $4,500 as salary per episode from the show.

Image of Life Below Zero cast Agnes Hailstone net worth is $100,000
Life Below Zero cast Agnes Hailstone net worth is $100,000

Chip Hailstone Net Worth, Salary.

Edward ‘Chip’ Hailstone was born in 1969 and is the husband of his co-star Agnes Hailstone. They both are a brilliant television personality.

There was a time in Chip life when he was sentenced behind the bar for almost 15months for Anchorage Correctional Complex on the 27th of July 2012.

He was charged twice for making false statements and also of Perjury. One of his claims included his eldest daughter, Tingmak. Chip stated that Tingmak was allegedly assaulted by one of the state troopers, and she was 17years old at that time.

Its been almost 20years since Chip and his family are hunting, fishing and gathering for their living. One can see the actual struggle faced by the cast members when they strive to survive the wilderness of Alaska despite harsh weather and thunderstorm. Chip Hailstone’s estimated net worth is around $100,000 and Salary per episode is $4,500.

Image of Life Below Zero cast Chip Hailstone net worth is $100,000
Life Below Zero cast Chip Hailstone net worth is $100,000

Kate Rorke-Bassich Net Worth.

Kate was married to Andy Bassich. The duo met at Dawson city where she visited as a tourist and Andy was working as a riverboat captain.

Both of them were also seen together in the BBC show, Life Below Zero. Once they were hit by a flood of Yukon river.

At that time, one of the choppers saved them as well as their 21 sled dogs. Kate has also opened a dog mushing school named ‘Ventures.’ Now, she resides with her family and friends in Canada. She and Andy got separated in 2016.

In one of her interviews, Kate Bassich stated that her ex-husband Andy used to verbally and emotionally abuse her. The duo has a daughter who is still hidden from the limelight of the camera. Kate has traveled and stayed in Alaska for 12years while doing her research.

Kate Bassich’s net worth is around $100,000. She used to make $4,500 per episode before she left the show.

Image of Life Below Zero cast Kate Rorke-Bassich net worth is $100,000
Life Below Zero cast Kate Rorke-Bassich net worth is $100,000

Erik Salitan Net Worth, Salary Per Episode.

Eric was born on the 9th of Feb 1984 in the United States. Besides being a reality star, he is also a registered guide, pilot, and hunter.

He belongs to Caucasian ethnicity. His wife’s name is Martha Mae Salitan who was also his co-star in the show, Life Below Zero. The duo left the show after being there for its seven seasons(2012-2016). They did not give any explanation as to why they left the show.

Eric completed his degree in Applied Science from the University Of Alaska Fairbanks. He also runs his guiding department named ‘Bushwhack Alaska Guiding and Outfitting.’

He is also the part of the many hunting groups like -Alaska Professional Hunters Association’ and ‘the Northwest Sportsmen Club.’ Erik Salitan’s net worth is estimated to be around $400,000. Erik Salitan’s Salary Per episode is $4,500

Image of Life Below Zero cast Erik Salitan net worth is $400,000
Life Below Zero cast Erik Salitan net worth is $400,000

Jessie Holmes Net Worth, Salary Per Episode.

Jessie was born and been raised in Odenville. His life turned the gear when he was asked to join the cast of Life Below Zero in its sixth season in 2015.

He was chosen for this show because he had earlier learned a lot about Alaska and its survival in harsh weather.

Yes! When Jessie was 16years old, he left for Alaska but ended up in Montana. He worked as a carpenter for 3years there before heading to Alaska.

He keeps his personal life away from the eyes of social media. His past time includes hunting and fishing. His relationship status is yet to reveal, but it is sure that he is not at all married yet.

He rarely uses social media. He loves to be in a natural environment along with his sled dogs. Jessie has this belief that there is fun in the wilderness. Jesse Holmes has a net worth of $500,000.

Image of Life Below Zero cast Jessie Holmes net worth is $500,000
Life Below Zero cast Jessie Holmes net worth is $500,000

Glenn Villeneuve Net Worth, Salary.

Glenn is such a television personality who has all grown up in and around the forest. He was born on the 19th of Aug 1969 in Burlington, Vermont. He resides on the block hills of thin ice. It is not that shocking to know that he has never been to school in his whole life.

But he has learned to read and write all by himself. He made himself such a tough person that he was offered for the show, Life Below Zero. He also hunts in the territory of wolves which gives us an insight that he is very fearless and can easily survive in the deepest harsh storm of Alaska.

Life Below Zero Glenn Villeneuve is a nomad who lives 65miles north to the Arctic Circle. He was previously married and had two children, but after moving to Alaska, the difference between his wife and him led to their separation.

Recently, he has found a new love, Trisha Kazan, who is also a mother to a daughter. Glenn also has a daughter, Agatha with Trisha.

Now, he lives happily with Trisha and his Four children. Glenn Villeneuve makes an earning of $100,000 annually. Life Below Zero Cast Glenn Villeneuve’s net worth is estimated to be $1 Million.

Image of Life Below Zero cast Glenn Villeneuve net worth is $1 million
Life Below Zero cast Glenn Villeneuve net worth is $1 million.

James Franzo Net Worth.

James was born on the 11th of Feb 1970. He is one such person who is behind this smooth voice of narration while leading us to the deeper sight of Alaska in Life Below Zero.

Not many people are aware that he went through a heart transplant in 2017. He has been attached to the show, Life Below Zero since the beginning.

But he is not that famous because his role is all that of an invisible voice. May be fans were never interested in his life because his work begins and ends behind the curtain. Apart from being a reality tv star, James has also appeared in some movies.

There is no much information regarding his family background except for that he has two siblings, Rocco and David Franzo. Currently, James is living in Levittown, New York, and also he is a republican by political affiliation. James Franzo’s exact net worth is not revealed, but it’s for sure between $100,000 -$249,000.

Image of Life Below Zero cast James Franzo net worth is $249,000
Life Below Zero cast James Franzo net worth is $249,000

Andy Bassich Net Worth.

Andy Bassich was born in 1959 in Washington, DC. He makes $100,000 annually from the show, Life Below Zero. Living in an environment without internet and electricity is really a tough job. But Andy is such a person who finds comfort even in this situation.

He graduated from John F. Keddy High School. Since then he has been living up at the bank of river Yukon with his 37 sled dogs. Yes! He is a musher as well. Currently, he makes $100,000 annually from Life Below Zero and also charges $2500 per person.

He knew his long-time ex-wife, Kate Rorke Bassich since 2003 but the duo got separated in 2016. There is no much information from Andy’s side while Kate exclaimed that she was living in an abusive relationship. Their fans only know about their parting up but no actual reason for the same. Andy Bassich’s total net worth is estimated to be $250,000.

Image of Life Below Zero cast Andy Bassich net worth is $250,000
Life Below Zero cast Andy Bassich net worth is $250,000

Ricko DeWilde Net Worth.

Ricko is one of the additional members of the recent time in Life Below Zero. He is an Indian-American and popular for being a great hunter.

His upbringing has been in a small village of Alaska, and he is all grownup in a full traditional way. He is one of the 14kids of his parents.

Ricko, along with his siblings, were all home school taught by his father. Since childhood, he was very much keen on hunting, trapping, farming, and gathering.

He used to live in a completely isolated location with his family. Besides everything, his father also taught him how to survival skills in the toughest of circumstances. He is married and has five children. Ricko DeWilde’s total net worth is estimated to be around $150,000.

Image of Life Below Zero cast Ricko DeWilde net worth is $150,000
Life Below Zero cast Ricko DeWilde net worth is $150,000

Martha Mae Salitan Net Worth.

Martha was born in Alaska only and was raised in Ilamnia. She always supports and compliments her husband, Eric Salitan, in hunting and fishing.

This is what Martha has been learning since her childhood. The duo lives in Wiseman, Alaska which is 67 miles away from Arctic Circle. She also owns Blanchard Family Funeral Home and Birch Hill Cemetry. Martha and Eric have a son named Lucas Salitan.

There is no much information about Chip’s wife Martha as she keeps her personal life to herself. She also does not like being updated on social media platforms. Martha lives a low key life with her husband in the wilderness of Alaska. Martha Mae Salitan’s Net Worth is $400,000.

Image of Life Below Zero cast Martha Mae Salitan net worth is $400,000
Life Below Zero cast Martha Mae Salitan net worth is $400,000
Name Net Worth Salary Per Episode
Sue Aikens $500,000 $4500
Agnes Hailstone $100,000 $4500
Chip Hailstone $100,000 $4500
Kate Rorke Bassich $100,000 $4500
Eric Salitan $400,000 $4500
Jessie Holmes $500,000 $4500
Glenn Villeneuve $500,000 -$1million $4500
James Franzo $100,000 -$249,000 $4500
Andy Bassich $250,000 $4500
Ricko DeWilde $150,000 $4500
Martha Mae Salitan $400,000 $4500

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