Junior Edwards From ‘Swamp People’ Net Worth, Wife, Age, Wiki-Bio.

Junior Edwards began his career life as a trained fisherman before turning into alligator hunting. It’s from the fishing ventures that he developed an interest in alligator hunting as well.

Eventually, he shifted his passion into alligator hunting and pursued it like some adventure. Before we check out Junior Edwards net worth, you should know that his personal life, home, and parents are more shredded in mystery.

Junior Edwards has been quite reserved about revealing his private life to the public choosing instead to focus on his TV profession. Know more about Junior Edward’s net worth.

Image of Junior Edwards as a trained fisherman
Junior Edwards as a trained fisherman

Junior Edwards from ‘Swamp People’ is Married To Wife Theresa Edwards.

Celebrities tend to have quite a rough patch with their married lives, which gets them into having a series of spouses but not Junior Edwards. He has been married to one wife Theresa Edwards for several years now.

Image of Junior Edwards with his wife Theresa Edwards
Junior Edwards with his wife, Theresa Edwards

The couple appears to have found one thing that keeps them going: Bravura. The couple also boasts of two children who are all grown up. Willie, one of the sons, joined his father in the Swamp people show. Junior Edwards appears to be mentoring his teenage son to take over his mantle when he exits the show.

Junior Edwards Wiki-Bio, Age.

“Swamp People” star Junior Edwards is not only a man who wanted to fish as a profession but had a deep passion for it. Over time, his love soared him into taking more significant risks than just going to hunt down fish. Alligator hunting became the next big thing for him, and he has never looked back.

His expertise in alligator hunting endeared him to those who cared to know about what he does. Ultimately, his alligator adventure metamorphosed into the History Channel reality TV series. Besides alligator hunting, Junior Edwards’ unmatched skills come in hunting down crawfish and raccoons. He does run the TV series together with his son, which makes them a fantastic duo.

The show did not only depict Junior Edwards as hunting down the alligator, but he was also involved in the preparation of hunting down big alligators. He was also accustomed to throwing hand hooks that enabled him to trap loose alligators. This is no easy task for the ordinary fish hunter as it carries a lot of risks.

How Junior Edwards navigates around these risks is what makes the show mind-blowing.

Image of Junior Edwards with his son Willie Edwards
Junior Edwards with his son Willie Edwards

That said, he once suffered a back injury while pulling crawfish nets. The show also had an exciting twist of events through a father-son relationship. Junior Edwards showcased a demanding tone by yelling to his son, who meekly followed his dad instructions without objection. It was a clear depiction of the relationship between father and son.


A darling of his fans, Junior Edwards also has nothing to show for his schooling and academic history. The man regularly dazzles his fans with big catches, most of which are alligators that appear entirely impossible to be caught by human beings. 

Junior and his partner caught a big alligator known as Big Bertha. Extraordinarily, the family engaged in finding alligators; a challenging task that nearly no one does. This they did, regardless of the harsh weather challenges and the wildlife regulation laws that bedevilled them.

If not performing on the TV show or during the off-season, the Edwards would spend their time hunting down other species such as the turtles, raccoons, and shrimps.

Junior Edwards Net worth.

Everyone knows that to earn big, you have to risk big. The Edwards risk-taking adventure appears to have paid off indeed. Sources say that Junior Edwards net worth is about $500,000. This is a linear combination of money earnings from both father and son. 

Image of Swamp People cast Junior Edwards, and son Willie Edwards net worth is $500,000
Swamp People cast Junior Edwards, and son Willie Edwards net worth is $500,000

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