Jessica Rogan Wiki, Age, Facts: Biography of Joe Rogan’s Wife.

When the name Joe Rogan hits your mind, you think of nothing else but comedy. He is a familiar name to many people around the world. He is married to wife Jessica Rogan.

Joe Rogan, a recognized TV personality, has been seen to host many celebrities in his reality shows. These celebrities include the Kardashians who made him hit almost three million views on his YouTube channel. Let’s delve deeper into his history and look at his life, apart from being a TV personality. This leads us to Jessica Rogan. Know Jessica Rogan’s Net worth right here.

Jessica Rogan Age

Jessica Rogan, who was known as Jessica Schimmel before being married, is the daughter of comedian Robert Schimmel. She was born on June 28, 1978, meaning she is currently at age 41. She has five siblings named Derek, Aaliyah, Jacob, Sam, and Mark Schimmel.

Married Life as Joe Rogan’s Wife.

Jessica started dating Joe Rogan back in 2008, and they tied the knot in 2009. Their marriage was fast since they seemed to have tons of emotions that brought them together, leading to them getting married after a short time of dating.

Since Joe Rogan and wife Jessica Rogan’s marriage, there has been no rumour of fights or external relationships from this couple showing that their life is very confidential. Details of how Jessica and Joe met are not known except for family members only.

Image of Jessica Rogan with her husband Joe Rogan and with their daughter
Jessica Rogan with her husband Joe Rogan and with their daughter

It’s safe to say that Jessica love for comedy stemmed from a comedy environment she grew up in.  She got attracted to Joe since he might have had a sense of humour that Jessica loved. The couple has three admirable daughters. Joe Rogan is the biological father of two daughters.

One daughter was born in 2008 while they were still dating. The other daughter was born in 2010 after their marriage. Joe is the step-dad of Jessica’s daughter whom she had in her previous relationship

Joe and Jessica Rogan’s family lives in Bell Canyon in California.

Professional life.

Jessica has had a couple of ventures in professional life. She was once a cocktail waitress. The joint the TV star worked is not known according to sources. But she seemed to have made quite some right amount of money.

Image of Cocktail Waitress, Jessica Rogan
Cocktail Waitress, Jessica Rogan

This shows that Jessica did not marry Joe because she was eying for money. Currently, she is into the TV industry. While Joe is on the frontline, Jessica works behind the scenes as the TV producer. Speculations have it that she is a product analyst for Volvo motorsports.

Social media life

The 44-year-old star has a tiny circle in her social media networks. In her Instagram page, she has almost 2000 followers. Jessica Rogan’s Instagram profile has a unique sense of humour that says, “I have a boring life of driving whatever car I want.” Her other social networks like Facebook are not known since some people have ruined her reputation by disguising themselves as her.


One of her most significant accomplishment is keeping her life private from many people. She has hidden from the face of cameras for a long time (roughly 16 years).

Her other achievements are that she has managed to maintain a good relationship in her married life. This is something unique for a celebrity which qualifies to be an achievement. She is also seen to be a hardworking person.

Jessica Rogan Net worth, $1 Million

Working as a cocktail waitress back in the 90s made her earn some right amount of money. Joe Rogan’s wife then went ahead to work as the product analyst who made her bag a large amount of fortune.

Jessica also enjoys the benefits of her husband, who has a net worth of $30 million. Joe Rogan meets all her expenses; hence, her net worth is correctly maintained. Jessica Rogan is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million.

Image of TV Producer, Jessica Rogan net worth is $1 million
TV Producer, Jessica Rogan net worth is $1 million


Joe Rogan’s wife, Jessica’s religion, is not known. His father was Christian, but currently, she is a grown-up, and her social activities are not known to many people. We can speculate her to be Christian, but she is now a mature woman with her own independent beliefs.

Wrapping this up, Jessica’s life is a perfect example of celebrities who avoid scandals, and this is because of a complete mutual understanding between Joe Rogan and her. That said, some controversial stars should borrow a leaf from her.

Quick facts about Joe Rogan’s Wife, Jessica Rogan.

  • She is an introvert on social media networks
  • She is a native American

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