Is Chris Jacobs Still Engaged to Fiancée Ivy Teves. His net worth, Wife, Wiki.

Chris Jacobs, with his team on Long Lost Family, is very good at tracking down and reuniting families. The TLC based show is known for its real-life emotions and tears that not many drama series can replicate. Who is Chris Jacobs’s Wife? Know here.

As a result, many fans have always pondered on why he doesn’t put the same effort towards building a family of his own. As it turns out, he did, and it did not go as planned. With that in mind, here’s everything on Chris Jacob’s engagement to his fiancée Ivy Teves as well as his net worth, bio, and wiki.

Who is Chris Jacobs?

Chris Jacobs doubles as a television presenter for Long Lost Family as well as Overhaulin’ on TLC. At some point in time, he was also on the NFL Network as their on-air talent. The 50-year old presenter has been active since 1995 with a number of television roles to add to his portfolio.

However, he received moderate success for his work – up until 2004 when he co-hosted Overhaulin’. It’s surprising how versatile he is considering he majored in English Literature as well as passing the bar exams as a Law. Nonetheless, he put all that in his past and would rather make a career out of auctioning cars and talking about sports.

Image of Television presenter, Chris Jacobs
Caption: Television presenter, Chris Jacobs

Chris Jacobs Net Worth.

If there’s one thing the Long Lost Family star knows, it’s to keep his net worth high. He has been powering through shows like Entertainment Tonight, Skywire Live, Skyscraper Live, Chopper Live, and many more on the Discovery network.

Even when the series, Overhaulin’ took its long hiatus back in 2004, he still wound up as the co-presenter for The Insider with Lara Spencer. On the other hand, Chris Jacobs’ net worth doesn’t only come from his work on television. He is also the spokesman for a tech startup company on mechanics called Wrench.

Some sources falsely peg the television star as an author just because he holds a Bachelor’s degree in English. However, that is another Chris Jacobs, who currently serves as the Founder and CEO of Juniper Research Group. Our Chris Jacobs’ net worth holds strong at approximately $1 million, according to most reports.

Image of TV personality, Chris Jacobs net worth
Caption: TV personality, Chris Jacobs net worth

Chris Jacobs Is Not Yet Married To Any Wife.

As much as we are all rooting for the guy, Chris Jacobs isn’t married yet. The closest he ever got to a wedding was his engagement with the sensational model, Ivy Teves, in front of over 40,000 fans. So how did this happen?

Following his fame and contribution towards sports, Chris Jacobs was awarded the prestigious honor of throwing the first pitch at Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.

By default, his girlfriend at the time, Ivy Teves, was with him to show her support. What she didn’t know was that he used the opportunity to get down on his knees and asked Ivy Teves to marry him in front of everybody.

She said yes in August 2016, and he presented her with a princess cut diamond ring. The couple met through Instagram and had only dated for about a year before their engagement.

Image of Chris Jacobs proposing Ivy Teves with diamond ring
Caption: Chris Jacobs proposing Ivy Teves with a diamond ring

Who is Ivy Teves?

Chris Jacobs fiancée works as a lifestyle fitness ambassador for World Poker Tour on the Fox Sports Network. She enjoys her hobbies as a foodie and martial arts, where she holds a black belt in Taekwondo. You can check out her Instagram, where she sports 81.3K followers. However, Jacobs managed to stand out amongst all those people is indeed baffling.

Ivy Teves may live in California with the rest of other fellows Americans, but she is of Asian descent. The model was born in the Philippines and is a mix of Filipino and Chinese.

She made the most out of her rich cultural heritage to her advantage and started modeling right from the age of 15 following her family’s move to California. Sadly, details on her net worth remain at large.

Chris Jacobs and fiancée Ivy Teves break up. 

As fast as their relationship formed, so began their downfall. In late 2019, some sources reported that Ivy Teves had pulled down all but one of all the lovely photos she took with Chris Jacobs off her Instagram. What’s even worse is that the couple no longer follows each other on the social platform.

The last we saw of the proposal ring was back in December 6th, 2016, when she uploaded a cryptic image with the caption, “The best apology is changed behavior.” Could it be that Chris Jacobs was the cause of their split? More importantly, did she return the proposal ring? Guess we’ll find out soon enough. It’s sad new for fans that they had to breakup before Ivy Teves could be Chris Jacobs wife.

His Wiki bio and facts

Full name Chris Jacobs
Age 50
Date of Birth January 30th, 1970
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois
Wife Not Married.
Net worth $1 million
Relationship status Possibly single
Kids none
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight unknown
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Chris Jacob is a Chicago native, born on January 30th, 1970, who is currently aged 50. What most people don’t know about him is that his parents adopted him when he was 14 months and raised him to a loving home in Illinois.

The raised him as a practical young man having gone through school at New Trier School in Winnetka and later graduating at Cranbrook School in Michigan.

Once he got to the age of 22, he took it upon himself to find his biological mother. With the help of the adoption agency and his adoptive parents, he finally got his bittersweet reunion.

Thereafter, Jacobs enrolled at Whittier College for his Bachelor’s in English degree and later at the Western State University for his Law Degree. Both have remained dormant since the beginning of the current century.

Social Media Activities.

Chris Jacobs is always active on social media, be it Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. With thousands of followers on all three platforms, the now eligible Bachelor mostly shares topics on hot rods, Overhaulin’ and of course, his dog

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