“Life Below Zero: Next Generation” changes its cast, Premier Date.

life below zero: next generation image

National Geographic Channel’s hit franchise Life Below Zero is returning this fall with new seasons of both the original show and Life Below Zero: Next Generation and the schedule has been set for their returns, with both sharing the same premiere date. Life Below Zero: Next Generation is changing its cast for its third season, dropping Michael Manzo and adding … Read more

Is Homestead Rescue Scripted or Real?

The Discovery Channel reality series ‘Homestead Rescue’ follows Marty Raney, a survival expert who, along with his two children, Misty and Matt Raney, tries to help people successfully adapt to a simpler life away from the luxuries of the city. The Raneys use their knowledge and expertise to guide these people and help them to create a sustainable … Read more

Michael G Heinrich: Sue Aiken’s Fiance Pictures

National Geographic reality television star Sue Aikens, known for her full name Susan Aikens, is currently happy with her love life, even posting photos with her fiancé on social media.  Sue Aikens is known for starring in the reality television show on National Geographic, “Life Below Zero” since 2013. The show is a documentary series … Read more