Noel Fitzpatrick Released his New Book for Kids. Check this for price.

Noel Fitzpatrick is an Irish veterinary surgeon, based in EashingSurrey who came to prominence through the television program The Supervet. Originally from Ballyfin, in LaoisIreland, he moved to GuildfordSurrey, in 1993, where he is director and managing clinician at Fitzpatrick Referrals. His veterinary practice includes two hospitals specializing in orthopedics and neurosurgery in Eashing Surrey, and another specializing in oncology and soft tissue surgery in Guildford. He is the director of a number of biotechnology companies spun off from his practice.

Noel Fitzpatrick Book.

In a recent Twitter post, Noel revealed that he is soon releasing his book for kids. This is what he wrote,

I am so excited that I have a book for kids coming soon– VETMAN and his Bionic Clan! I hope children will feel the excitement and joy I have felt bringing my childhood hero to life. The book is available to pre-order here:

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