Matt Brown of Alaskan Bush People fame was accused of two sexual assaults and seemingly disappeared. Now, fans would like to know what happened to him. As it turns out, the eldest son walked away from the spotlight to live a quieter lifestyle.

Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People, which follows the Brown family, are creating their own “fully self-contained village” once again on top of their Washington state mountain, which has been the patriarch’s dream for over 50 years. The family has traveled from the Alaskan bush to the continental states, still holding onto the dream that they can live off the land.

Matt was accused of rape only two days apart from each victim. The family has always presented themselves as a clean wholesome family, but Matt has always struggled with demons, especially when he has had a drink. ScreenRant reported that Matt has been living in California since the charges were brought up.

Matt is living alone in the Golden State after two stints in rehab for alcohol addiction. He has also been on a social media hiatus staying quiet since August. He did post a Christmas message that preached about forgiveness and “unity.” The reality star’s post goes on to say he was, “thinking about my country, and the world, its so much all at once, and at the same time, it feels like years, a world wide pandemic, racism, murder, fire, storms, country’s divided, and lies… so many lies.” While most see Matt as a bit peculiar, no one ever would have thought he would have rape charges brought against him.

The charges were filed against the Discovery personality back in 2018, around the same time he checked himself back into rehab for a second time. Both said the star had been drinking heavily. The two women reported the crimes to the LAPD’s Tonga Division, and the case was handed over to the D.A., but he declined the prosecute.

Matt is no longer a part of the show and most likely will never return due to the charges brought against him. Even two of his brothers do not speak with him after talking to his victims. The Alaskan Bush People star will be on his own for quite some time.